Eh! a Gacha you Say!? Book

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Eh! a Gacha you Say!?


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John Lasterna is an ordinary 18-year-old teenager based on his perspective he is nothing but ordinary. Currently, he is talking to his girlfriend Nakano Rena, She suddenly gives him the news that she's pregnant with his child although they only have sex for the second time. Although Both of them got panicked and scared, Nothing less they decide not to abort the child and decide to become a Father and Mother although both of them is young. but Rena is graduated from College at a young age and John already owned a famous company and a genius investor. But that's not all John suddenly got a gacha system and he will discover that his girlfriend is a Reincarnator. ============ My Grammar is bad so you better wash your eyes with holy water or alcohol. ============ This is An Au of Cultivation Chat Group Date A Live Twin Star Exorcist Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina Soul Land Gotoubon Hanayome ================= Possible world that will be travel Honkai Impact