855 Brainstorming With Four Tea Leaves

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"Oh? Not even a replica?" 

Sitting cross-legged, Lin Sanjiu studied the leaf that was talking. There were still buds of shimmering water droplets on its body that looked like its eyes. However, what made Lin Sanjiu curious was that the bed remained dry despite the four "brothers' sitting on it. 

"Nope. I can't create anything that can breathe." Lin Sanjiu sighed with a frown. "There's no use for me to create a body that can't move either."

"Let me get this straight. First, no humanoid object, and second, no living object?" Another leaf said in a serious tone, "Considering our origin, I have an idea, but…" 

"Well, let's hear it," said Lin Sanjiu as she secretly stretched her finger out to reach for it.


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