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Doomsday Wonderland


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Read Doomsday Wonderland novel written by the author N.Heller on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Horror&Thriller stories, covering videogame, apocalypse, survival, highiq. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Lin Sanjiu is a normal woman in modern-day society. Everyone admires her outstandingly handsome, gentle, and rich boyfriend. However, Lin Sanjiu feels vaguely afraid of this "perfect" boyfriend. She's always felt that her boyfriend looks at her like she's a tasty piece of meat... The transformation happened one night. Sanjiu got into an argument with her boyfriend, and he finally revealed his true colors. As it turns out, he was a being with special abilities from an apocalyptic world who wanted to eat Sanjiu to help him evolve. To his dismay, he ended up being the one killed by Sanjiu with her hidden abilities instead. However, Sanjiu's troubles don't end with her dead boyfriend. In fact, the world she resides in is starting to go through unusual changes. This world is becoming a scorching hot hellhole...


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Surprised that more people didn't pick this up for a read. Unique premise with likeable characters. Such a hidden gem! [And no, I'm not writing this because I'm the translator for this story... the name is different... see? XD]


what the ****? why is this novel in the romance section? is it only because the protagonist is a female? that's so fucking wrong! wrong!wrong!wrong!wrong!wrong!wrong!wrong!wrong!wrong!wrong!wrong!


Website : qidian china Views : 998thousand Rating : 8.3(488) Chapters : 899 Status : ongoing Word count : 2.73 million Rank : 98 author level : lv5


I just love this story  I was looking like crazy a story with a strong female protagonist But there was not any! I had seen the synopsis in novelupdates a couple of times but ...  I had understood a thing completely opposite to what it is !!! One day I was bored and I thought about giving it a chance ... saying that I was surprised was the least, I was absolutely delighted to have found this story.  It has everything I wanted in a story and I never found it !!! A female main character that is strong, intelligent, independent, adaptable, someone human with good and bad moments that does not have to depend on a male love interest without realizing Besides that she is not the best murderer in the world that was so op that she only died because under guard and was betrayed by the person she loved and transmigrated into the body of a noble girl of antiquity who had a weak body was sickly and had world against then I gain a divine body op / divine cultivation technique op / a divine mascot op / etc.  On the other hand, although history has the romance label, there is no romance (for now) this may change throughout history but I do not think the main theme of the work is remotely close to being that. It is an apocalyptic story with game elements, futuristic and with different worlds each with a different theme where the character has a capacity that, at first, is quite useless but has much potential to become op.  In short, it is an incredible story with a good protagonist to whom the synopsis does not do it justice.  Personal opinion: I think you would have to add an alternative synopsis in addition to what you have because the current aullenta people who like these genres, I do not think the current synopsis attracts the right audience. This story is not giving him the credit he deserves. Pdt .: I'm a Spanish-speaking reader so I apologize for my spelling mistakes and my misuse of terms, since I did this in the google translator.


The main character is actually likable and does it while ****** smart decisions without looking like a frigid ice cube. There doesn't seem to be romance(thank gosh) at the moment and the world she's in is developing nicely. I can't wait to see what else happens.


I really like the concept of a infinity of apocalyptic worlds where you're randomly send to. Main character is cool. Firstly because, she's a girl and she is strong but there is not a trace of Super Male Lead that will be even stronger than her so that he can come and save the damsel in distress when needed. She doesn't have OP super powers... well yes, I admit her powers are cool and have the potential to become OP and are certainly better than a lot of other people in the novel, but ! Not OP yet and there are already a lot of people with seriously stronger powers. So she's in the low-average norm. (And thankfully no medical super-power yet. I'm beginning to overdose on those). The side characters are interesting. Not necessarily the best I've seen, but there are well thought out. They have varying personalities and are not boring. And the concept allows for almost endless stories ! The author could write 2000 chapters and I'm sure it would still be fresh and interesting. There's just so many possibilities !


interesting story by author for ****** a female mc in apocalyptic themed story bc thats rare for me to see. the mc lin sanjiu is not your typical female char that usually popped up on apocalyptic themed story. she is brave, got really interesting ability im looking forward for more chapter. the translator was doing a good job except when translating the zombie creature or monster by using pinyin. please change the monster name with something else


Reveal spoiler


Why the rating so low?? IMHO this novel has one of the best storyline in qidian, seriously. You wouldnt find a stupid arogant MC with godlike power like in most chinese novel, you woldnt even find a word like "slay everything under haven", "your grandfather", and another stupid chinese stereotype (not meant to be racist). In this novel you'll find a whole good story, ****** as that. A must read novel.


I have found a new top favorite: Doomsday Wonderland. And there are many reasons as to why. First off, this is my first sci-fi post-apocalyptic Chinese novel. I don't know what the other Chinese ones out there are like, but this is definitely nothing like the sci-fi English ones I've read so far (Hunger Games, Divergent, The Darkest Minds, Maze Runner, etc.). The reason I first fell in love with those cultivation and reincarnation novels was for the reason that they were new and original in their setting and ideas and characters. But after reading so many of the same kind and beginning to grow bored, someone recommended this diamond to me. The beginning of the story was a bit slow, and at times, I wanted to wring the MC's neck because she was such a...noob. She wasn't smart right away like our assassin empress MCs who already lived a previous life full of experience. It's more like she's living the life that shaped those assassin empresses into the sharp diamonds that they became. Over the course of the story, she goes from making stupid beginner mistakes like trusting too easily and refusing to kill enemies who might bring her trouble later to becoming a powerful foe that could make any transmigrator or reincarnator make a run for their money. After reading so many palace and entertainment industry novels, some of the schemes get old and you can begin to accurately predict them. It doesn't mean they aren't exciting but just less so than back at a time when you were new to them and sitting at the edge of your seat, wondering what exactly the MC had up her sleeve. Here, it's a completely different setting with a fresh set of adversaries who are trying to survive in their new worlds like they are in the hunger games and not in the back courtyard of the palace with scheming concubines. That means a whole new and different kind of scheming/planning to look forward to. No plot or character is repetitive or makes you think you've already read it earlier in the book. A big factor that makes this story more exciting is that the characters have powers and special items that grant them abilities. They are atypical and unique, not like the usual super speed or mind reading or fire powers we see. Instead, there are things like being able to store items in cards, kicking people far into the sky as if they were Team Rocket, turning a cucumber into a giant green snake, putting people on an invisible treadmill that will keep them running in the same spot, making someone fall for you with a single laugh. The more OP a power seems, the more limitations it has, which makes the stakes a whole lot higher. The MC's power seems a bit useless compared to others' in the beginning, but the further it gets into the story, the more it develops and shows potential in becoming something deserving of OP status with fewer limitations. Be warned that there are horror elements and gore within these chapters. I'm not really the type for either but mixed with the action, mystery, twists, and characters I'm already attached to, I quite enjoyed them in here. Expect a LOT of twists, as nothing is simple in this book. People who you will think are friends or allies might turn out to be traitors the whole time, for all you know. You won't see them coming, and believe me, I've been there. Now about romance. I'm not going to lie. There is no male lead so far and no indication of any romance, but before you drop this book before even picking it up, hear me out. What do you define as romance exactly? Kissing? Hugging? Sweet words? Sex? The story has none of these. But what it does have is many great interactions between the MC and individual hot, powerful guys. No guy is alike or flat like in those average cultivation novels. [Small spoilers on some of the different guys she'll encounter] You have an extremely powerful sharp-tongued guy with a katana who is soft on the inside and loves sweets; he becomes her strict mentor of a sort at some point. A handsome, drunk actor for a companion who is sometimes reliable and sometimes not but can be counted on to want the best for the MC and occasionally surprises everyone with his ruthless inner genius; when one of her crimes catch up to her in the form of pursuers looking for her, he's the perfect person to throw them off her trail with his smooth acting. An evil, petty, extremely powerful big boss who has blacklisted and hunted the MC for years for doing something small to humiliate him years ago; he became a favorite of the general readers after he allied with her in one arc instead of chasing her down. A mysterious blond guy who has a black belly of schemes; he's one of the most handsome ones that give you the shivers whenever he begins talking. None of these guys get romantic with the MC in terms of intimate stuff like loving eyes and kissing and touching (in a post-apocalyptic world, there's no time for that if you want to live). What they all do is acknowledge (or at least deep down in their heart) that she's someone who could rival them in strength and power. Because there is no real male lead so far, that also leaves us readers to ship the MC with whoever and all we like without the fear that our ship will sink to the main one. No cannon ship is going to stop us, not even from shipping the hot guys with ourselves since the MC hasn't already taken them. If I were you, I'd quickly add this novel to my library. It's definitely worth it.


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One of the few novels on here that isn't horribly ***ist or uncomfortably sexual, or even a little of either, honestly. The translation is well above average, the story is the best I've encountered on here, the updates are regular, and the main character is a kickass female with no ties to romance. Really, what more can I say?


Wish Webnovel would let fans translate this already. Such a great novel, and I may never be able to read what happens unless I go look at MTL (which for this kind of novel, is nearly impossible to read and understand).. I just don't understand, y'all refuse to let fans translate it, even for free, but also refuse to continue translating it...


If you are seeing this, I recommend you read the book. Here, ranking doesn't matter cuz it's a hidden gem. Now that you found it, don't lose it.


I can say, without a doubt, that the main female character of this novel (Lin Sanjiu) is definitely one of my favourites out of all of the female MCs out there. As a woman myself, I always like a good story with a strong female character, and this novel lives up to my expectations—Lin Sanjiu manages to be absolutely badass without being excessively cruel and heartless like some other female MCs from Chinese novels. The characters and plot are also well thought out, and each character has their own agenda and personality.


Can we get the Clever protagonist tag removed? The main character is an idiot and ends up having to use a super power just to have a single clever thought. Has turned into a really boring 'horror' novel.


This is honestly the best novel I have ever read. I honestly was hesistant at first to read it but one day I got bored and gave it a shot. Best decision I’ve ever made.


I was busy with finals, so I only found it that this hasn’t been updated since two months ago... and now I’m hearing people saying that the translating team might/will drop this because it’s unpopular. EXCUSE ME??? This is one of my favorite novels ever, so I am quite devastated to hear the news. It’s rare for a novel to keep their momentum even after hundreds of chapters, but this one does. I don’t have enough words to describe how much I love absolutely every element in this story. It truly saddens me that people will choose those generic, dime a dozen, “you chase me, i chase you” romance novels over this one. LIKE COME ON.


Geez what a ride!! I really enjoyed reading this and wish there was more. This latest world is completely terrifying too. I kept getting chills up my spine everytime she didn't get off the train. It's just so eerie with the lack of information and how nothing feels safe.


This is one of those novels that doesn't need romance to keep going 💯 A plot on it's own, nothing like I've ever read before... A must add in your library...


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