Don't go down there Book

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Don't go down there


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I was used to having a normal life, despite the fact that I had to live on a hill with the rest of my family, isolated from the rest of the town,I thought that the only part of my life that wasn't normal was living on a hill but............ On his eigteenth birthday, strange things started happening, Mike thought that they had to live on a hill because they had no other home,but there was more to it than that. He thought he lived a normal life,but they were in slavery to a demon from the underworld,an underworld that sprang up to their own world sometimes. Shadow ghosts comes after him in the night and sometimes during the day time,why? what did he do to them? Mike Hills unravels a secret part of his life filled with death and terror, this time is not all about fighting but strategy and reasoning. Mike unravels the mystery behind the strange things and the beast that protects him. But what will happen at last,will he succeed and finally get a normal life or will he back down like the people or worse he may even get killed and his soul gets turned into a slave. "No I will never be submissive to you!" "Then would you mind being submissive to death?"


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