225 Insanely Cultivating 9

"If you have already destroyed an underworld you may already know what it looks like, but don't be careless because the underworlds can often be different, some are easier and some more difficult and can be underworlds that have destroyed many worlds and have special powers."

Zhang Yi naturally knew how different the underworlds could be and how the ultimate enemies could have special powers, he had almost died from it before, but now he thought it would be too easy and just a matter of time.

"You should also know that after destroying an underworld they can have very valuable rewards, sometimes they are cultivation techniques and martial techniques, they can be weapons and armor and sometimes even miraculous pills that no one could create that can heal someone almost dead or remake them someone's cultivation."

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"I accept this mission elder Wang, I think I can finish it easily even if it's sometimes harder than the underworld I destroyed last time."

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