226 Insanely Cultivating 10

Near where the entrance to the underworld Zhang Yi could see several warriors of the spiritual sea realm and the core revolution realm, they seemed to want to enter the underworld when it opened again, so Zhang Yi went to talk to them.

Before doing so he released some of the pressure that his cultivation and strength had not to be underestimated by these warriors, so as Zhang Yi released the pressure the warriors around looked at him with respect and he decided to speak.

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"Hello everyone, my name is Zhang Yi and I came from the divine plane, I was sent here by my sect to destroy this underworld, so I will enter the underworld when it opens and you can rest easy."

When Zhang Yi said he was the divine plane all the warriors were relieved, they knew that if someone from the divine plane came it was because he was sure he could destroy this underworld, but because Zhang Yi was young many had doubts about it seeing the strength that he had.

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