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For as long as humans have known, creatures like Demons, Fae’s, Shape-shifters, Witches were things of myths. Until one night, the selfish sacrifice of two people caused the four portals of the underworld to become unlocked. The veil that kept humans ignorant of the existence of supernatural’s lifted, and it plunges the world into utter fear and confusion. As expected of humans, they reacted first, causing more wars than need be and enforcing more havoc and misery on everyone. To stop the growing death that plagued earth, two sides banded together to attack one. Humans and supernatural’s were free to roam together day and night, surviving, working, and rebuilding to make earth the prosperous blue planet it once was. Only, this fairytale didn’t exactly start in peace… and well, we’re still waiting for the end of the story. As with every obstacle one overcomes in life, there lays another just a few feet’s away. Before true victory can be attained, both sides need to learn to work together for the safety of all. ~*~*~*~ Ten thousand years ago, I lived a happy, comfortable life with my granny who provided everything for me, only I was uprooted out of that life by the hands of a hardhearted man, and was forced into service for another man and his Kingdom which has done nothing good for me. I experienced life’s true brutality under his service and ended up losing my life. Given a second chance at revival, I promised myself to get back at the man who is responsible for the death card I was handed. At one point in my life, I had the chance to meet him and get my revenge, but I was too weak and immature to succeed. Instead, I got to experience an even bigger hell by his hands and suffered a traumatic fate. He tortured me to my very last breath, and my new body now has countless scars to show for it. He shaped me into the cold-hearted monster I have become today, and I’m going to make sure he gets a taste of his work. I’m going to make him pay for the lives he’s taken. I’m going to shove a hand deep into his chest, rip out his cold dark heart, and crush it in the palm of my hand with great satisfaction. I am Reed, and I am out… for Blood!


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