DC: Light Human

Author: SwayStar
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What is DC: Light Human

Read DC: Light Human fanfiction written by the author SwayStar on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, adventure, r18, harem, dark. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


An unfulfilled college student wakes up in DC and decides to live his new life freely and without restraint. - Mc is not a good guy - This is WISH FULFILLMENT. P.S. If you leave a trash review just because of the decision the mc makes in the beginning and nothing else, it will be taken down. It has already been explained in later chapters.

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It's rubbish, the story doesn't make any sense, of course it could be a funny fanfic but no, just reading the first chapter I knew that this story will be rubbish


If you want to read a beta simp MC who is still a slave despite his power, this story is for you.


I have not even read the FF BUT just from seeing that sym “Superman will get a kick from light speed” knows that Author must be 🧠💀 Did he forgot Superman showing multiple feats moving at light speed AND the reason why he isn’t As fast on Earth is literally because if he was to go that fast and some casual People or building will just be Thanos Snapped


The story does not make sense, it's good to want to play the big tough but forgot as easily as what this woman did to this body before it's pretty stupid and he has no plan, nothing.


The chapters lacks plot, also characters are empty as dols. Author, u should add more details In ur story, in order to make the fanfic interesting.


Lazy. It feels like an eight year old wrote this .


well as expert who right all power fanfic it's make me fell insult Superman can become near omnipotent cause his power not sun absorb but radiation absorb ,as you know sun release radiation that help Superman grow stronger because sun release many radiation but earth protect it by release some shield around atmosphere but even that some people get uv Ray ( sub radiation) so just imagine Superman get nuke ಠ_ಠhis power will become like Godzilla when become atomic


I tried to read this story with a grain of salt. Wish fulfilment, grimdark power fantasies aren't usually my thing. One so focused on being Literotica more so. So, I went into reading this comfortably self-aware of my bias, and with a handful of purified salt just to be safe. I ran out of salt by the fifth chapter. Read at your own risk. This isn't for the faint of heart or delicate of sensibilities. Writing Quality: The quality of writing could use major improvements and a decent amount of proofreading. There are simple errors littered throughout the chapters that once smoothed out could be a simple and effective way to improve the flow and structure of the story. However, grammatically it's pretty on point. What is currently there needs an NSFW warning right out of the gates and there is a disconnect between the content, the story and its characters that can feel choppy at times. Stability of Updates: The Story has a rather stable update schedule from what I can see. If you are interested in what is there then you will not be kept waiting long. Story Development: I understand this is a wish fulfilment power fest bent around a harem structure and so can't really judge what little plot the story contains. Five chapters in and nothing of real worth or impact had happened. He got laid, he went out, he got laid again, he did something minor, then killed a bunch of people and then went and got laid again. Rinse and repeat. If there was a driving force or reason behind his actions then things might be more interesting, just winging it and getting some reads boring and poorly thought out. Character Design: The characters so far have been flat cardboard cutouts pulled along by the whimsy of an MC with very little agency beyond his libido. The rather quick and brief introductions that are there extend very little passed being directly told about the physical traits of the characters. This can be annoying when mixed with the fact a lot of background knowledge is assumed. A quick and dirty fix would be to flesh out the characters with a few motivations, feelings or decisions that impact the mc's own. Otherwise, a small introduction of the characters, their physical attributes, relation to the scene being created and their importance to the main character or at least his thoughts on them would do wonders. Does he completely fanboy if he ever meets The Green Lantern or is Hal his least favourite of the lanterns because he could never understand his choices? Right now the background characters read like props being used as filler for the MC instead of being part of his story. World Background: Slowly developed, however, relies heavily on assumed knowledge of DC backgrounds. Scenes are created with no real-world development beyond the skeleton of a place's description and even those are sparse.


It’s decent, a good read to pass the time but that’s all. Before you read know that there is a quite a few plot holes and some of the things the mc does is just stupid you will also be confused especially at the start i didnt like this FF for those reasons though mainly the Mc’s behavior, the guy acted like he was stronger than super man and even threatened him which is extremely stupid all he has was light powers, superman was literally stated to be able to move millions of times faster than the speed of light the mc has nothin on him anyway enough rant read or don’t read idc


Shameless Author Review! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


I didn't even read two chapters and this story already sucked to me.boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,


Don't listen to the one star reviews i actually enjoyed the story very much and the things that may seem strange in the first few chapters are explained in the rest of the story so in total: Good story with interesting development. Looking forward for more. Hope you release more of it as soon as possible.


The beginning was questionable but if you got past it the novel became extremely enjoyable only for the MC to turn into some moron side character as of the last few chapters.


Any way, this piece has good potential and the back ground story leaves space for more details to be added. The pace of the story is good enough considering even though the mc is rapidly getting stronger , I doubt the story's pace would accelerate considering his laidback personality . And also strangely enough, with the smuts going on its actually relaxing for me to read👌🍋👌


don't forget raven don't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget ravendon't forget raven


It’s really good man, I hope you keep at it and continue to give us quality writing. While there are people complaining about him staying with that chick I totally understand your reasoning. Thanks for the enjoyment.


it is not the best fan fiction out there but it is still pretty good. author if you read this you should give some more background to characters even if we know them from the comics and movies.


Here I am reviewing again. The story was good, maybe even great… Well, that is until Ivy gains a crush on Harley. Feels like NTR even if they’re both harem members.


In the ever-growing world of DC, we have a new not-so-hero step in to rile up the universe. DC: Light Human is an extremely fun read. Boasting characters from all over the place, ranging from DC, to fairy tale characters, the author is consistently uploading chapters for readers to enjoy. Although at times it can get a bit dark. Sora always finds a way to light things up.


I don't care what anyone says about this fanfic I love it. The Author really knows what he's doing. Being searching webnovel, looking for something good, and I found this very unique fic.


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