Darklight: Hero's Bloodline Book

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Darklight: Hero's Bloodline


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"We Descendants of Light bear the burden of destiny, be careful at the hands of fate." Adventurers Guild, humans with only one mission. Finish what the Gods started. The last remaining Dark Lord still walks the new world, unfound and unrestricted, endlessly wrecking havoc upon humanity with its never-ending legions of demons and monsters. Liam Everhart, a new aspiring adventurer seeks to follow in the footsteps of the Hero and beyond. It's a dangerous world, but there is none more capable for the life of an adventurer. Born with the power of the gods in his blood, will he finally tear through the unending darkness or will he perish as many before him? [Warning: Not for the faint-hearted or people easily offended. Everything that happens with the characters is under my domain and only mine.] [Would like to thank my best friend and Editor, Krishna Nair, aka 'Bloodyfoll00' for his patience and meticulous attention to editing and making my book a great experience for readers. Thanks bro.] [PS. I don't own the cover art, but couldn't find the owner/original artist. If you are the original artist/owner, pls contact me, I'll take down the cover photo and commission you for a new cover]


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