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Possibly the best thing I will ever read on webnovel and captivating to the point I didn't even bother with my computer or any other entertainment until I was finished reading


Man this is one of those superb novels which gets me excited every time I read. From now on my stones are gonna go for this novel. I wanted to contribute to the novel in any way possible. So I got an idea. I'm gonna recommend this novel next time I give stats for a new novel. Maybe that will rope in some new readers.


It is the second time when i give 5*. The first novel when i did so, is ranked 2nd in Original. This novel is groundbreaking. One of the best SF novel from out there. It has anything you want: good story, nice writing, good world background, ch design, action, drama , mystery.... Mechs and Academy. I never thought it can be combined this way. I am more than ready to follow until the end. A big plus for this novel is the length of chapters. And every chapter is very well structured. Author, you will make it big. Have patience, and you will see the success. πŸ‘ good job.


Let's be honest here, the original section of this website is mostly comprised of s-h-i-t writing. However Daedalus is an exception to the norm. The quality of writing, character development and the plot can compare with the best of webnovels(including chinese ones), and in many areas it is also much more superior to them. It is much more like an actual published novel that went through many rounds of editing, with a clear plot and intriguing characters. I believe that this novel is the only one that is worth being published among the heap of trash that is the original section of this website. The writing is professional, with little to no grammar mistakes or inconsistencies. There is very little to none deus-ex machina and plot armor which is very popular in all web novels. I find myself drawn in by the characters and their interactions, as well as the mystery aspect of the world building. The slight kingdom building(or company building in this case) elements are a major and significant part of the most enjoyable scenes in the novel. All characters have their personalities and motivations, which are slowly being unraveled. I would also like to point out that this novel is one of the few novels(including published novels as well as webnovels) who uses multiple POV very well, without diluting the storyline or making pointless infodumps about characters that we don't care about. They are not common, and when a different POV is shown, it is impactful to the overall picture. Overall, I give this novel 5/5, and writer you really have my admiration for being able to craft and present such a story as a non professional writer. If there is one thing that I would like you to improve on, it would be the romance aspects. You've already slightly revealed some pretty good build-up, but I hope we can see at least some sort of harem because all the female characters you've crafted are very good that I almost can't make a choice. It also seems you already know how to make a very good harem without making the mistakes of japanese and chinese writers. But I still ship Daeda x Axelzero(she is very cute)


Reveal spoiler


This is for the people that got bored from the face slapping cultivators, time travelling vrmmo players and dimensiom crossing female assassins.


I'm not usually a mech fan, but this is definitely worth a read and its near 5 star score. This deserves way more stones than it has so far, even with few chapters released so far they are all long and very well-written. The prologue chapters don't flow quite as well, but are necessary in setting up the MC and world, and any awkwardness is gone immediately in the main story chapters. Worth reading 100%.


The amount of depth to your novel is some next level ****. It shows how much you as an author have thought about each and every chapter and have not just randomly pasted for the sake of it. Thank you so much for this wonderful story. Each and every character introduced has some depth to them which helps me to connect to your novel more. Complete one-week power stones to you.


I can already see that this novel is going to be a huge hit! The quality is great! Though the novel will greatly benefit if the author updates everyday as readers are voracious people.


I mean what? This should be ranked higher. The fact there were introduction chapters makes it smother to understand. So far it has been great and i can only recommend it.


This does not read like normal webnovels -- stories which use cliffhangers to draw people to the next chapter and filler to milk out the most profits-- it is much more similar to a book or light novel. The cast is likable and has exceptional character building, and the world itself and the scope of powers is explained fully. While the main cast is strong they are neither unbeatable nor infallible and this prevents the plot from being boring and repetitious. The only flawed section of the novel so far is the prologue where I found the english and writing quality to be not up to par with the rest of the story, and as an avid gamer myself the ability to 1v8 and be undefeated while using random teamates is a laughable idea. Additionally, the portrail of professional gamers as only using a load out from face value stats, and that the only person who truly knows the meta is the MC would never happen. Just try and make it through the prologue chapters as they are mostly to serve as an info dump and background, and the story will immediately reward you.


This novel is wanting to be good, however, it’s just not got the umph, the shazam, that makes this a really good read but an okay read. The grammar is not impeccable as I’ve seen other reviews say, and is a little awkward at times. I’ve noted comma splicing in almost every chapter read. The story isn’t bad, but it’s very slow going, and dialogue is sometimes rather monotonous. Slow going isn’t necessarily bad, but there’s really nothing to excite the reader into continuing to read on when the pace is so slow. If I was bored I might pick this back up, I encourage others to read it as well to see if my opinion is validated or not. This novel is just not my cup of tea, but probably could be yours.


This novel really hit a grand slam. It has superb writing, an amazing and deep story, excellent story development, extensive character designs, and an innovative world. Whether or not you have a disposition towards mechs, this is a novel that should be checked out.


Very fun read! The pacing is superb, slowly revealing world elements in the midst of action and intrigue. Skully is obviously following a well planned plot, yet adjusting as the writing unfolds. Our MC is a blank slate to begin with, whose personality matures before our eyes. The friends he makes, we care about pretty quickly. The technology stays in the Mech Warrior sandbox, no major plot armor needed. If you like some suspense, some Gundam action, and some great characters, look no further!


This story is great! The author is shameless, but smart which is good, because he delivers on his promises, he likes the cliffs, so beware. Because of how shameless I am, I m giving it a 5 star review, so the shameless author can have more publicity and more stones, so I eventually get more chapters. Story is about a group of friends led by Daedo, our story lead role. What do they do? They kick #@ss in a third rate military academy in a futuristic setting. The pace of the story is just well thought off, with little to no fillers. Sciency stuff is great, which is lacking in a lot of sci fi novels out there, and I like that. It uses complicated words like fission, fusion, annihilation that sound cool, so my ignorant self shakes his head in approval when sciency stuff is explained. What to expect? A good run for your stones. (Give the author your stones, he is poor and they are a part of his diet!). Why am writing questions and then answers? To keep this review longer. Have fun reading this gem story and beware of the Cliffies. The cliffies are coming!


This is a super and amazing novel , Story backgroung with mistery and very well made, Character Development a 10/10 , and The Writing Quality don't even need to say . Just saying this novel deserves a CONTRACT with QDIAN fast ! An amazing job,the best ORIGINAL work so far in this site !


Honestly just read it or you’ll regret all you’re life having eyes but not able to see Mt Thai (only the true ones will know the reference) β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-


This is reaaaaal good!!! I can feel my adrenaline as if I was there, a specialy the bettle. I love this .............................................................................


This is my second mech novel that I read, and i love it This is my second mech novel that I read and i love it This is my second mech novel that I read, and i love it This is my second mech novel that I read, and i love it This is my second mech novel that I read, and i love it


Incredible...... The start was a bit of stretch for me since I'm impatient. But I went through it and I'm glad I did. The details about upgrading the exos shows how much research and thought the author hat put into this. Looking forward to what he has prepared for us. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ


Writing as of 11 oct 2018, i have to say the story is well fleshed out and extremely enviable. Where at the beginning it might feel a little narrow viewed, the author keeps broadening that, and adds depth and perspective to the world (hence 4 not 5 stars for the background, because i know it's going to get better). Concerning grammar and pacing, it has become very hard to spot mistakes, and the flow between training montages and action is deceptively easy to get addicted to, more so when you take the daily chapters into account. For once, the MC isn't just some overpowered extremely lucky person that has everything handed to him on a silver platter, even though some might call a deus ex machina once or twice, but his personnality is sufficiently novel to keep things fresh and interesting. The only downside could be the lack of real background for the other characters, they need a bit more to their story, but i believe it's already planned for. The part i like the most is the growing political side of this story, and the hints at a darker background, it also helps that the pacing is slow enough to not have an already ***** MC in a disgustingly cheated mech with nowhere for the story to go next. All in all a must read, i have to admit i was previously averse to mecha stories but this (not so hidden) gem has reconciled me with the genre. Kudos to the author as well as many thanks for the high quality entertainment.