1 Cults

In the worlds of Cultivation there are countless organizations founded by high stage Cultivators. But why should we strong ones support those weaklings who couldn't grow without help?

Well, there are several reasons...

I for example founded 3 Sects who revere me.

First there is the Dark Sect... actually I forgot the name I have given it by now... I think it was something about Blood and stuff. I actually founded it in hope to find a potential tool for Assasinations. Every member is forced to take a seal of mind and soul onto him when he or she is accepted into the sect. I wouldn't like to grow a Assasin I cannot control. For the rest... they are just thugs to protect potential candidates.

The seal they get mainly affects the things they can do out of free will. The First effect is Loyality. They can never betray me as long as they are sealed. The second effect is preventing them from trying to remove that seal and resist others who try to remove it. Third, I can always detect them and find out where they are. The last effect prevents them from doing the attractive females of the sect. To that point I have to say for my defense... well, whatever I am a horny guy... and you don't know how good well trained assasins feel... they wrap tightly around you, juices flowing out, while moaning as silent as possible. It feels heavenly. The best thing is: They do all the work you just have to sit and enjoy.

On that point my second sect. It's called Sacred flower cult. You probably wonder why I know this sects name? Well it's for females only and accepts only those who are virgins, in all regards. That means they shouldn't have done anything with a man before... well, at least with no other man than me. Generally you could say this is were the attractive female assassins are sent after I had them. It consists mainly of noble, royal or imperial daughters and outstanding commoners.

I literally spent at least one day a week at that place... maybe a little more... do you even know how hard it is to keep control over that bunch? Every time I go there I have to deal with women afterwards... They simply can't shut up. It is my sect good damnit... nobody cares whether you lose your virginity to me. Even while losing their virginity they love it. they cry for more and try to take part when they see one of them getting plowed deep and hard. And then, After tje first time they shout crazy stuff like: 'You raped me, Bastard! Take responsibility.' or 'You asshole you destroyed my life. Because of you they'll throw me out.'. Yeah they are pretty annoying. Agter that headache I need a good fuck to recover... guess what happens. And that repeats itself till I do one of those who got used to my visits.

The Last Sect is called Heaven's Sect and I only have it to show off to those benevolent, female, high rank Cultivators. It has high morality standarts and is one of the righteous sects. But since I dislike hypocrites the higher leaders are all females. They don't revere those ideals but one specific part of my body as divine. And especially the leader has an ass ... It feels just perfect when she is riding your cock bobbing her as up an down.

Oh and there is this one cult... I didn't found it, I visit it some times... There are mainly Spirit beast an monsters there but also a few perverts of other races. They claim to be my willing and horny pets. Around their necks they wear pet collars. At least the willing part i can guarantee at least the willing part. And fucking while beeing caressed by a Group of beatiful femals with for example tails... it is incredibly hot...

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