54 Soul Weapons

Once breakfast finished and Yuan returned to his room, he asked Xiao Hua, "What's a Soul Weapon?"

"Soul Weapons are as its name suggests— weapons that contain a soul, allowing it to have its own consciousness. They are exceedingly rare treasures even in the higher realms with nearly unlimited potential. And due to their uniqueness, they do not have specific Grades like ordinary weapons do. It's really shocking that the Luo Family would have something like this." Xiao Hua explained to him.

"A weapon with a soul… so there's somebody inside the weapon? How does that even happen?" Yuan asked, still confused about the concept.

"That's not quite right, Brother Yuan. There's nobody in the weapon. The term 'soul' does not actually mean there's someone in the weapon. It's just a weapon with just enough consciousness to pick their Masters."

"Oh… So I cannot talk with it?" Yuan said with a slightly disappointed expression.

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