336 How to Make Babies

"L-Let me get this straight… You impregnated an NPC in the game?" Meixiu asked again just in case.

"That's what she told me," Yuan responded in a calm voice, not thinking too much about it.

"Heavens…" Meixiu mumbled in a dazed voice. She cannot imagine how Yu Rou would react once she learns of this.

'Perhaps it would be better if I don't tell her… for her own sake…' Meixiu thought to herself.

After a moment of silence, she said, "Yuan… I know the Yu Family didn't teach you this, but you really shouldn't impregnate women so easily, especially if you just met them."

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"I know that, but these people are really nice, and I really wanted to help them," Yuan said.

"Let's continue this talk after this. My mother will kill me if you catch a cold because I didn't take care of you properly."


Thus, Meixiu continued to clean Yuan's body, but her heart felt heavier than usual, almost like there were invisible chains weighing it down.

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