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Nagumo found that his image had become terrible.

He didn't want the super beautiful school girl Ichinose Honami he just discovered to run away.

So he wants to turn the tide.

So he said.

"This is probably just someone slandering me."

"And the account number of this post may be just a trumpet or something. You can't trust what a trumpet says."

"No." But student Honami Ichinose shook her head.

"This is the real-name authentication of Oreki-san from Class A."


There is a mix of people in the forum, including students and some staff.

Then, to confirm some information, real-name authentication is required.

After real-name authentication, the other party's information will be displayed on the right side of the ID.

The account of this hot post is authenticated by real name.


Do you blame Oreki Houtarou for his direct real-name authentication?

What about the promised bet?

When Nagumo invited Ichinose Honami over, he had been working hard to maintain the image of a senior who was an excellent strategist.

So if he wants to say bad things about Oreki, he needs to gain a good impression first.

But now, he has to say it.

"If it's Oreki Houtaro, then there is indeed some gap between him and me."

"He collected points from the students in Class C and your class, and I bought out the permission to open the store from the beginning."

"He didn't buy it because it was too expensive."

"But it's too much to publicize it as if I deliberately blocked it."

"So I think he probably wanted to say that on purpose and then swallow up the points that other students have paid."

"Let everyone feel that opening a store is a waste, and then terminate the contract or something," Nagumo said.

Ichinose Honami's beautiful brows frowned slightly.

"In other words, Nagumo-senpai knew about Oreki-san from Class A's plan to collect points and open a store from the beginning?"

"Yes." Nagumo nodded. "I was in the store at that time and saw students from Class B and Class C."

"Oreki used the name of the store I opened to fool other students."

"Then Nagumo-senpai didn't give any warning to everyone in Class B at that time?" Senior Ichinose looked at Nagumo Miyabi in surprise.

"..." Nagumo.

Is that so?

That's right.

He initially showed goodwill and kindness to Ichinose Honami.

He is even willing to provide experience in opening a store and ways to reduce costs.

Looks like he's helping.

Even told Ichinose the rules.

When he shows goodwill.

It's positive.


Now Ichinose looked at him in surprise.


If he was such an upright senior, why didn't he find out at the beginning that the first-year Class B students were stupid enough to join Oreki's plan to open a store and stop it?


This is a contradiction.

It doesn't make sense.

It can only be said that he deliberately watched the students in Class B fall into a deadlock, and then he came out to save them.

Then doesn't he become a super bad person?

Nagumo felt that his impression in the eyes of his kouhais was about to fall to the bottom.

"I can only say that although I am a senior, I am also the representative of Class A."

"So a lot of actions are done in the best interest of the class."

"My class did buy out the permission to open a store, so if Oreki and the others want to open a store, they need to pay me points."


And to say that Nagumo-senpai asked for 5 million for permission to open a store is genuine.

Ichinose also knew that some students in her class had joined the store opening plan proposed by Oreki-san from Class A.

Although she did not participate.

However, she did not interfere with her classmates' choices.

But now she discovered that the school's rules are that strength comes first and points come first.

So is it okay to let the class lose part of its points every month?

It's not a big problem.


There are only 15 students in the class participating in the program.

So the points lost are not that many.

At the same time, if you do not interrupt the plan, you can still get the points and 15% interest back within a year.

After all, everyone is investing rather than opening a store.

So instead of becoming a shareholder in opening a store, they simply lend points to Oreki-san.

Therefore, what Ichinose feels missing is that she did not obtain the school's rules in advance. Two weeks have passed, and everyone may have deducted some points in this month's code of conduct.

This needs attention.


It's better not to come into contact with this senior Nagumo again.

"Then I'll take my leave first." Ichinose already wanted to evacuate.

"..." Nagumo.

"Wait a moment!"

Nagumo felt that Ichinose would never look at him again after leaving like this.

So he said quickly.

"I know this is a bad situation."

"But what kind of person am I? I hope you, Ichinose, will observe it slowly in the future."

"Then, the reminder I can give is, don't approach Oreki Houtarou."

"He is not someone you can contact at will, and Ichinose-chan, you are very simple and kind, don't be deceived by him."

"He deliberately challenged me at noon and wanted to make a bet with me."

"The bet is to earn 5 million points in 3 days." 

"Then make me pay 300,000 points."

"So, he is not a good person."


Nagumo now feels that his image is very bad, and he can't turn it around.

Did he also drag Oreki Houtarou into the mud?

"…" Ichinose.

But Ichinose shook her head slightly.

"Concerning this, Nagumo-senpai, I think you still need to pay more attention."

"If this bet is true."

"Then you've lost."

With that said, Ichinose said goodbye and left.

Nagumo was left in a daze.

Although Ichinose Honami showed courtesy in the end.

But he could sense that this super beautiful schoolgirl didn't seem to want to have contact with him anymore.

In other words.

He is probably recorded on Ichinose Honami's blacklist.

Is it so troublesome to chase girls?

And is it possible to be rejected so quickly?

For the first time, Nagumo had some doubts about life.

However, he still took out his mobile phone and started browsing the forum...


[Exciting News! ]

[Class C, the first-year freshmen, raised funds to participate in the store opening plan to break through the shackles, but was forced to suspend it because the right to open the store was bought out. ]

[And Nagumo Miyabi, second-year Class A, who has the right to open a store, offered a sky-high price, asking for 5 million in expedient fees for opening a store! ]

[Nagumo, don't be too dark, give the new student a way to live! ]by ID First Grade Class A Oreki Houtarou.

The message became a trending message.

Got a bunch of thumbs up.

Nagumo ignored it.


The next post made him care.


This post was also posted by Oreki Houtaro, a real-name authentication ID.

[Special message! ]

[Although Vice President Nagumo prevented me from opening a store, I bought permission to work part-time from the school. ]

[With 100,000 points, a person can buy three-year working rights. If the three-year period is not up, the working rights can be freely transferred to other people. ]

[Those who are interested can contact 134%¥¥, 135%YY, 136%YY numbers. ]

[The following is the buyout contract for part-time work rights granted by the school council. ]

There is indeed a photo of the contract at the bottom of the post.

And it's stamped.

The content is probably that the board of directors decided after discussion to give the part-time work permission for 1 million.

Oreki Houtaro bought out the rights for 2 million.

Part-time work rights are at the discretion of Oreki Houtarou.

The above is the content of the post.

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