Convict to King

Arell Rose, finds an unexpected path to redemption in a mysterious RAPPER System that grants him a host of different abilities and challenges to overcome. The system's main goal? to create the best rapper alive. Can this troubled teen navigate the obstacles thrown in his way and truly become a legend in the music industry?

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Where you're Granny At?

In the dimly lit studio, the atmosphere was electric. The final mix of Arell's diss track played through the speakers, and everyone was feeling the intensity of the moment. Malik, Kenny, and Devon were all hyped.

"Yo, this is fire!" Malik exclaimed, bobbing his head to the rhythm.

Kenny nodded in agreement, a wide grin on his face. "This is gonna kill him, man. No doubt."

Arell, meanwhile, remained calm, a subtle smile playing on his lips as he bobbed his head to the beat. He was satisfied with the outcome but knew there was more work to be done. He walked over to the control panel and, without a word, asked the system for the song rating through his mind.

After a moment, the system's response appeared in his mind:



[Song Rating: 78]


[Special Category: Diss Track]

[Diss Track Rating: 88]


Arell's satisfaction deepened. He was surprised by the special category and muttered to himself, "Still discovering more things about this system." He stood over the control panel for a bit, contemplating the possibilities.

He considered creating another song but felt a pull to check his stats first. With a thought, he willed the stats section forward.


Rapper Stats

Flow: 65

Voice: 69 ——> 74

Lyrics: 52 ——> 56

Production: 72 ———> 77

Performance: 55 ———> 62

Freestyle: 42 ———>46

Songwriting: 51 ———> 59


Hidden Statuses

Expansive Vocabulary (Rare)

Ear for Music (Extremely Rare)

Foresight Gambit (Rare)

Street Hustler (Uncommon)

Chicago Streets: Lyrical Inspiration (Uncommon)

Resonant Resilience (Rare)

Mind's Puzzle (Rare)

The Art of the Sample (Epic)

Style Chameleon (Epic)

Atlanta Influence: Trap Innovators (Rare)

Emotional Depth and Atmospheric Production (Epic)

Conscious Rap: Narrative Mastery and Lyrical Depth (Rare)


"Wow, I'm stacked," Arell muttered, marvelling at his stats. He mused over the numerous improvements he had made, recalling his performance at the Tabernacle and how much effort he had put into practicing his writing. The hidden statuses, in particular, caught his eye.

"Damn, I'm practically better than almost half the industry already," he thought, feeling a surge of confidence. "The Art of the Sample, Style Chameleon, Emotional Depth... I'm set."

He couldn't help but wonder what people were saying on Twitter. With a flicker of curiosity, he pulled up the app on his phone.

@Hunkie420: "Arell's new track better be good, because Reese just bodied him. #GrannyPack"

@ChicagoGoon: "Man, Reese went hard. Arell ain't got nothing on him. #GrannyPack"

@TrapQueenBee: "Reese called him a pop star lol. Arell should just quit now."

@Readzyes: "If Arell claps back, he better come correct. Reese ain't playing."

@GGoon: "Reese is the real deal. Arell is just a kid playing dress-up. #GrannyPack"

@DaRealKingenm: "First time hearing of this Arell kid. He should probably just say sorry and give up Reese got the streets, Arell got the tweens."

@LilReeseFan4Life: "Ain't nobody topping Reese. Arell should stay in his lane. #GrannyPack"

@StreetP6: "Beefs like these remind us what real hip-hop is about. Can't wait to see how Arell responds."

Arell's eyes scanned the tweets, his emotions fluctuating with each comment. Some were dismissive, others outright disrespectful, but a few showed a glimmer of hope and support.

"Damn, some of these people are harsh," he muttered. "But they're watching. They care. That's what matters."

He continued scrolling and noticed a tweet from @HoodChronicles that made him chuckle despite the criticism: "It's like David vs. Goliath, but David ain't got no sling LMAO".

"We'll see about that," Arell thought.

Suddenly, a tweet caught his eye.

@TrendingNewsNow: "Current Trending Topics: #GrannyPack, #NBA, #Election, #MarchVibes, #LilReese"

Arell's curiosity piqued, and he clicked on the trending section. He saw that #GrannyPack was trending high, and Lil Reese's name was gaining traction.

"So, Reese is really getting buzz," Arell thought. "But it's a good setup for what I've got next."

Arell felt a surge of energy and turned back to his friends, who were still hyped up from the earlier session.

He sniffled and said, "Maybe... that last one was serious. I should go for something more trollish now."

Malik raised an eyebrow. "Trollish? What do you mean?"

Arell thought for a bit, then said, "I want to do something funny, something unexpected."

Kenny grinned. "Like what? What's on your mind?"

Devon chimed in, "Why not sample something?"

Arell's eyes lit up. "That's a good idea."

Malik nodded slowly. "Okay, what are thinking of?"

Arell smirked. "How about I sample 'I Don't Like'? I' pretty sure he's still not cool with Chief Keef, so it'll hurt even more. Plus, Reese called me a pop star, so I'll lean into that."

Kenny's eyes widened. "Oh, yeah that sounds tough."

Arell nodded, his mind already racing with ideas. "Yeah. I'll take the 'I Don't Like' line, but we'll make it pop, make it catchy. Something people can dance to."

He began searching for a beat, something groovy and fun. After a few minutes, he found the perfect beat: upbeat synths, funky basslines, and rhythmic claps that created a groovy vibe.

"Listen to this," Arell said, playing the beat.

Malik's eyes widened. "Way different vibe from what i expected."

Kenny nodded. "I can see people dancing to this. It's got that feel-good energy."

"Exactly," Arell said. "But I want to troll him with it. Make it catchy, make people move, but still throw shade."

He started working on the sample, incorporating the high-pitched line from "I Don't Like" into the chorus. The line "A fuck nigga, that's that shit I don't like." was transformed into a melodic hook, with claps accentuating each "I don't like."

As the beat played, Arell began humming a tune, finding the right balance between playful and taunting. He added some funky guitar riffs and brass sections to give it that extra punch, making sure it had that signature pop feel while still carrying an edge.

Kenny and Malik watched, fascinated, as Arell worked. Devon tapped his foot to the beat, already feeling the groove.

As the beat filled the studio with its infectious rhythm, Arell couldn't help but move to the groove. His head bobbed, his shoulders swayed, and his fingers tapped along with the funky basslines. He hummed along with the melody, letting the music guide him as he edited the beat.

"Uh, yeah, that's it," he muttered to himself, feeling the energy coursing through his veins. "Let's get this started, one of y'all upload that other one, name it….'Two Faced Thug' with a z at the end."

With a confident smile, Arell slipped on his headphones and motioned for everyone to hush. He took a deep breath, letting the beat wash over him, before stepping up to the microphone.

The music started, and Arell's voice floated effortlessly over the funky basslines and upbeat synths.


Reference Beat (Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars)


"A fuck nigga, that's that shit I don't like, ayyyyy

A snitch nigga, that's that shit I don't like, ayyyy"


Chief Keef's sample came in just as the Beat kicks in.

Arell, held the mic before being, his voice melodic and groovy.


"Pop star, they say I'm just a pop star

But a real one, shining like a superstar

I can't hang with lames, nah, not by far

If you're GD, better know who you are

I don't like your vibe, you ain't down for the ride

Claim you from the streets, but you run and hide

Fake love, fake daps, that's a big divide

Keep my circle tight, yeah, we unified

You talk big, but your actions are small

Wanna see me fall, but I'm standing tall

From Chicago to ATL, I hustle and ball

While you stuck on the block, I'm answering the call"


Arell then let the beat ride for a moment, before Chief Keef's sample came in again.

The beat breaking down into funky guitar riffs and brass sections.


"Yeah, yeah, yeah

I don't like, I don't like, nah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I don't like, I don't like, nah"


Arell then went back in.


"Don't need no fake friends, keep that drama away

I'm making moves, getting paid every day

You stay stuck in beef, can't see the light of day

I'm living my dreams, come what may"

The Beat picks up again, Arell's voice playful yet sharp

"Watch your back, 'cause I don't play fair

Catch you slipping, and you'll be aware

I'm the future, you're stuck in the past

Building cities, making it last

You talk big, but can't walk the walk

Run your mouth, but can't back the talk

I'm dancing on your grave, hear the people cheer

I'm the king now, made that crystal clear

Pop star, they say I'm just a pop star

But a real one, shining like a superstar

I can't hang with lames, nah, not by far

If you're GD, better know who you are"


Chief Keef's sample came again.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah

I don't like, I don't like, nah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I don't like, I don't like, nah"


As Arell continued to vibe with the music, he felt the energy shift in the room. He decided to take it a step further, adding more playful jabs.


"If you're GD, don't be near Reese

He might snitch on you, call the police

He beats girls, can't handle the streets

Better step away, avoid that heat"


The funky guitar riffs and brass sections kicked back in.


"A fuck nigga, that's that shit I don't like, ayyyy

A snitch nigga, that's that shit I don't like, ayyyy

"Yeah, yeah, yeah

I don't like, I don't like, nah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I don't like, I don't like, nah"


The beat became even more groovier and as Arell went to begin another verse he suddenly had a burst of inspiration.


"I got a dance for y'all, let's get it right

Clap your hands if you don't mess with snitches, all night

Clap your hands if you don't mess with snitches, alright

Step away from the lames, keep your circle tight

Now let's break it down, one step at a time

Move to the left, yeah, stay in line

Clap, clap, that's the groove, now let's move

Step to the right, and bring it smooth

Swing your hips, yeah, feel the vibe

We're dancing all night, can't be denied

Clap your hands if you don't mess with snitches, all night

Clap your hands if you don't mess with snitches, alright

Step away from the lames, keep your circle tight

Step away from the lames, keep your circle tight

Spin around, now drop it low, like Tavares when shooters come by

Bring it back up, let the rhythm flow

Slide to the left, slide to the right

Clap your hands if you don't mess with snitches, all night

Clap your hands if you don't mess with snitches, alright

Step away from the lames, keep your circle tight

Step away from the lames, keep your circle tight"


Arell demonstrated the dance moves, his body moving with the rhythm. He clapped his hands to the beat, took steps back and forth, and spun around, all while singing the catchy dance instructions. His friends joined in, mimicking his moves, and adding their own flair, the studio filled with laughter and energy.

Arell's voice was filled with excitement and playfulness, guiding everyone through the dance steps with ease. The beat continued to build, the funky guitar riffs and brass sections adding layers of fun and rhythm. By the end of the dance section, everyone was fully immersed in the groove.

Arell removed his headphones, grinning at his friends. "That's how you do it," he said, his voice filled with confidence. "That's how you make a statement."






In a smoky room filled with the low hum of conversation and laughter, Lil Reese leaned back on a plush couch, a blunt in hand. The atmosphere was relaxed, the air thick with the scent of weed. Multiple people lounged around, enjoying the downtime. King Louie sat nearby, scrolling through his phone, occasionally showing something to Reese and laughing.

"It's been a minute since we all got to chill like this." Reese said, exhaling a cloud of smoke and passing the blunt to Fredo.

Fredo nodded, taking a drag. "For real. Gotta enjoy these moments."

As the room buzzed with casual banter, the door creaked open and a young guy named Marcus, one of Reese's runners, walked in with an urgent expression. He was clutching his phone tightly.

"Yo, Reese." Marcus said, catching everyone's attention."

Reese looked up, raising an eyebrow. "What's the word?"

Marcus handed his phone to Reese. "Arell just dropped his response. It's all over Twitter, man. People going wild."

Reese took the phone, his eyes narrowing as he started the song.


"Started from the bottom, ain't no fairytale

Reese, you talkin' street cred, but you got none, capisce?

From Parkway Gardens, where the real ones reside

You claimin' GD, but where's your loyalty, you lied"

As Arell's words hit, a few people in the room shifted uncomfortably. Fredo's eyes widened, and King Louie muttered, "Damn."

"Snitchin' rumors, fallin' out with Chief Keef Fake GD, where's your proof? You a thief Claimin' hits, but you missed opportunities While I rose from the ashes, building my own communities"

Reese's jaw clenched as he listened, his eyes fixed on the screen.

"Gun charges, yeah, you got caught, you slipped

While I was out here hustlin', you tripped

One-hit wonder, 'Savage' was your peak

But I'm climbing higher, my future ain't so bleak"

Marcus glanced at Reese, nervous about his reaction. Others in the room were visibly impressed, resisting the urge to nod along..

"Spittin' 'Savage,' but your life's a three-pointer with airball trajectory

Signed by Glory Boyz, but your future's lookin' like a D-League salary

Bricks on the court? Nah, you bricked your chance at a golden ticket to riches

Shoulda been ballin' with D' Rose, but streets had you fumbling with switches"

Fredo let out a low whistle. "Oh shit."

Reese's friends tried to gauge his reaction, but he remained stone-faced, absorbing every line. Despite their friendship with Reese, a few couldn't help but admire Arell's clever wordplay.

"Real talk, Reese, you don't know my life

The struggles, the battles, the endless strife

Stay in your lane, boy, you ain't built for this

All that tough talk, get you put on the hit list"

Reese shifted in his seat, visibly agitated. He couldn't deny the impact of Arell's words, and the silence in the room was telling. Even those who had known Arell from their youth felt a mixture of shock and respect for how far he had come and how fearless he was in his diss.

The beat switched, and Arell's tone shifted, becoming more intense and personal.

"Let's switch it up, Reese, hear this tale

From a girl you hurt, now liftin' the veil

You thought you were strong, fists flying high

But all I saw was weakness, tears in my eyes"

Arell's words cut through the room, addressing something deeply personal and controversial about Reese. Some of Reese's friends exchanged uneasy glances, while others leaned in, captivated by Arell's storytelling.

"You claimed you loved me, then left me with scars

Your touch turned to torment, behind closed bars

1-2, 1-2 that's how you checked me

And then had the nerve to act like you're the best for me"

Reese's face darkened, anger simmering beneath the surface. He had expected a response, but Arell's precision in targeting his vulnerabilities was something else entirely.

"Street cred, authenticity you lack

I'm the real deal, no need to act

Parkway Gardens, my roots run deep

But I chose to rise, my future to keep"

"Nigga don't ever diss me

Don't you know who I am?

The type to raise the bar, nigga I am your calamity

The typa nigga, that would drive you to insanity

Have you searching for words


'Whats something I could say, to hurt lil Rose'

Nuh uh, nigga, the zip is closed

Black and White, nah, you might as well put the yellow tape

I think another body just dropped, I left a murder scene"

As the song ended, a heavy silence settled over the room. The air was thick with tension, and everyone was waiting for Reese's reaction. Marcus nervously took his phone back, glancing around at the others.

It was Fredo who broke the silence, his voice low "Yo, Tav... you beat a girl?"


Reese's face contorted with anger. "Fuck you, Fredo!" He threw the blunt across the room, where it hit the wall and fell to the floor, still smouldering.


King Louie, who had been scrolling through his phone, stopped and looked directly at Reese. He had always been close to both Reese and Chief Keef. His stare was hard, scrutinizing. "what did he mean by you snitchin' on Chief Keef?"

Reese's eyes darted around the room, sensing the shift in loyalty and trust. He stood up, trying to assert his dominance. "Arell's just trying to stir up shit. Y'all know me, know I ain't no snitch."

But the room's atmosphere had changed. The accusations weren't just dismissed.

King Louie didn't back down. "Look, man, we go way back, but you need to clear this up. This ain't just about some diss track. Arell hit on some real personal shit."

Fredo nodded, still looking uneasy. "Yeah, man, this ain't just rap beef. This is your name and your rep on the line."

"Y'all really gonna doubt me 'cause of some slick talk from Arell?" Reese's voice was tight with barely restrained rage.

King Louie leaned back, arms crossed, his eyes never leaving Reese. "Alright, man. But what you gonna say? Arell hit deep. You gotta come correct."

Reese paced the room, running a hand over his head, thoughts racing. He couldn't show any sign of weakness now. "I'll remind everyone who the fuck I am," he snarled. "I'll air out his dirty laundry. All of it."

Fredo exchanged a worried glance with King Louie. "What dirty laundry, Tav? You need to be sure. Can't just throw out weak shots."

Reese stopped pacing, his eyes dark and intense. "I'll find something."

Marcus, still holding his phone, piped up hesitantly, "But what exactly you got on him, Reese? People need specifics. You can't just spit say the same stuff."

Reese's face twisted into a grim smile, a dangerous glint in his eye. "Where's that nigga's grandmother buried?"





Aisha sat in her room, the glow from her laptop casting a soft light across the room. She scrolled through Twitter, her heart sinking with each passing comment about Arell's diss track and Reese's response. The hashtag #GrannyPack and #WomanBeater was everywhere, and the conversation was getting darker by the minute.

"Arell, what have you gotten yourself into?" she whispered, worry etched across her face.

Her phone buzzed, and she saw a message from her close friend, Mia.

Mia: "You see what's going on with Arell? This is crazy."

She typed a quick response.

"Yeah, I'm really worried. This could get out of hand."

She leaned back, trying to remember the last time she'd talked to Arell. It had been about a week ago these days she had been so focused on working on the clothing brand with Geoffrey.

She picked up her phone and dialed his number. It rang a few times before Arell's familiar voice answered.

"Aisha, what's up?"

"Hey, Arell. Just wanted to check in. I saw what's been going on with Reese. Are you okay?"

There was a brief pause before Arell replied. "Yeah, I'm good. Just handling business."

"I know you are," Aisha said softly. "But this feels different. You've got so much going for you. Just be careful, okay? This kind of beef can get really dangerous."

Arell sighed. "I hear you, Aisha. But I can't let him disrespect me like that. I have to stand up for myself."

"I get that." Aisha said, her voice filled with concern.

"Don't worry about it." Arell said. "And thanks for checking in. It means a lot."

"Anytime," Aisha said. "Stay safe, okay?"

"Will do," Arell said before hanging up.

Aisha set her phone down, still feeling uneasy.




Akademiks was in his home studio, the walls lined with soundproof foam and shelves filled with music memorabilia. His multiple monitors displayed various social media platforms, all buzzing with the latest updates on the Arell and Reese beef. He hit the record button on his camera, leaning back in his chair with a grin.

"What's good, YouTube? It's your boy DJ Akademiks, and we've got some serious drama unfolding in the rap game right now. Arell Rose just dropped a fire diss track, after Lil Reese's diss tack."

He pulled up a clip of Reese's Instagram Live, where Reese's chilling words echoed through the speakers.


"Nah, you think I can't get this nigga shot?"


Akademiks shook his head. "Man, this is getting intense. Reese ain't playing around. He's taking it to a whole new level, and you know what? That's exactly what makes this so compelling. It's like watching a train wreck—you can't look away."

He leaned forward, his expression serious. "But here's the thing, y'all. We gotta remember that these are real people with real lives. This kind of beef, especially in Chicago, is tied deeply to the streets and the ongoing war out there. The connections run deep, and the consequences can be fatal."

Akademiks leaned closer to the microphone. "Let's dive into Arell's diss. He really went in on Reese, questioning his street cred and authenticity. Arell mentioned Reese falling out with Chief Keef and accused him of missing opportunities, calling out specific incidents that hit hard."

He played a segment of Arell's track, focusing on the lines about Reese beating a girl. "This part right here," Akademiks said, pausing the track, "is where it gets really heavy. Arell's calling Reese out for allegedly beating a girl. Now, I don't have all the details on this, and I can't confirm if it's true, but it's a serious accusation that could tarnish Reese's reputation even further."

As Akademiks was speaking, his phone buzzed with a notification. He glanced at the screen and saw a message from Arell himself. Curious, he opened it and found videos attached. He quickly downloaded and opened the files, his eyes widening as he watched.

"Hold up, folks," Akademiks said, turning back to the camera. "The official Arell twitter account sent me some videos and he credited someone called Kamilah, so shout out Kamilah."

He uploaded the videos to his computer and prepared to show them to his audience. "Alright, I'm about to play these clips for y'all."

The first video showed a party scene with loud music and flashing lights. Amidst the chaos, Reese was clearly visible, beating a girl who was trying to shield herself. The crowd around them seemed indifferent, some even recording on their phones. The second clip was equally disturbing, showing Reese dragging a girl out of a car and kicking her while she was on the ground.

Akademiks paused the videos, his face full of shock. "Wow. Just wow. This is some serious stuff, y'all. If these videos are authentic, they could have major repercussions for Reese."

He leaned back in his chair, collecting his thoughts. "Look, I always say there's a line between entertainment and real life. This beef just crossed that line. It's not just about lyrics anymore—it's about real actions with real consequences. Reese has a lot to answer for, and this could seriously affect his career and personal life."

Akademiks looked directly into the camera. "This is a reminder that these artists are dealing with real issues. Domestic violence is no joke, and if these accusations are true, this beef just got a whole lot deeper, and it's gonna be interesting to see how Reese responds to this."

He took a deep breath, closing the videos and refocusing on the camera. "Stay tuned, y'all. This story is far from over, and you know I'll be here to keep you updated. Until next time, it's your boy DJ Akademiks. Stay safe and stay informed."