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Conquer That Demoness


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This is a new story. Venn transmigrated into a desolate world where the almighty Gods had fallen and became relics of the past, and where demons with magical powers abound, roamed free and enslaved all of mankind. Follow Venn in his journey from a nobody to an omnipotent sovereign, building an empire from scratch using villainous schemes and a little help from his system. ____________________________________________ "What? I've to defeat and conquer the 7 Great devils of the demon realm through sex to liberate mankind, and I will immediately die if I cum even once?!" Venn firmly grasped his balls whilst binding white lights gradually filled his vision as his head kept getting dizzier from the wonderful sensation. "No! I don't want to die! Stop stimulating me anymore! ARRGGGHHH! I—I can't hold it back anymore~" If you’d like to support me in the creation of this book, you can support me at https://www.patreon.com/GuiltyCrow Join the discord channel: https://discord.gg/Bjkfbre ____________________________________________ Binding host to The God Conqueror System! The fate of humanity now lies in your balls! [Host: Venn] [Points: 0] [Skills: None] [Daily Missions: 3] [Women conquered: 0] 1 Chapter per day. For every $5 patreon subscription, will mass release 1 more chapter!


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