Existence 0.0.0 [BL] Book

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Existence 0.0.0 [BL]


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He is an inaccessible, handsome, intelligent and refined man. Will I have the opportunity to meet him again? Will I have time to love him? At least before death cuts my lifeline. "Stay away from him, Kyun!" Kyun I was born by the hand of a human, a mad and simple human who wants to equal the Gods. The only human I've been able to meet up to that day. "Die for us Asao." Asao The sky, the clouds, the sun, the wind, the rain... Nature, society, life... One day maybe I experienced them but I don't remember. No doubt that pain, suffering, fear and loneliness have taken their place in my memories. I, Wei Cheng, sixth son of the great Wei family. I live to protect my tormentors. "I need your blood Cheng." Cheng When three, apparently, different stories come together into one with the same objectif, change the current world system to establish a new era. Existence 0.0.0


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