Celestial Of The Void Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Celestial Of The Void


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A young man stood at a height of 1.9 meters with an exceptional and noticeable toned physique under his beasts fur clothing. His light-brown skin illuminating under the rays of the sun with an above average face, chiseled jaws, straight nose and slightly thick sword-shaped eyebrows. His brown eyes, deep like pools of honey with a shade of violet hiding within the irises, hinting a mysterious impression. Throughout the span of 3 years, his raven black hair grew past his back, tied up into a simple ponytail. Realizing fate has given him another chance reincarnating into a new body and coincidentally under the same name, Silver. Coupled with his million years of experience and knowledge allowing him to break through the realms with ease. He begins his journey through Desolate Tundra, challenging the emperors of this new world while obtaining a power that none can even grasp. Will he rise to the top and change the era to a brighter path or become another common straggler on the path to cultivation in a once beautiful continent, now riddle with demons and beasts lurking in every corner?