Broken Tower Saga : The First Swordsman

The Maha Tower or The Broken Tower of Omega—some call it. It is a place of Dream, a place of myth, and a place of Chaos. Only a thousand among many get the chance to climb it each year. Wrik spent years to find this tower, ignoring his studies, University, but to no avail. Until a day when a letter came to his door with a pair of tickets to the tower. But before that, he had to appear in gruesome trials to enter the cruel Tower. ________________ Check out the other works: Chaos Cycle: The Eye of Genesis. ________________ [The novel is a bit slow compared to other webnovel. It picks up the pace from the 10th chapter or so.]

silent_walker · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
220 Chs

Fury (1)

"I just asked a few of my friends to burn down your fortress and steal the flag if they could find it." Wrik said. His voice was loud enough so that everyone in the hundred metres radius could hear. "But it appears you have hidden the flag well enough, but alas for the fortress and the rest of your men.

"Now, you have no fortress or ration. One third or more of your men had been eliminated, and the rest were on the path of being eliminated." 

Before the duel had started, Wrik never really meant for to win it fairly. If he wanted to do that, then it would not only be disastrous for him, but to his friends and companions too. It would only jeopardise their hard work till now.

That was the reason Wrik made this plan. He just needed to distract Arjamith to leave his fortress with most of his elite men, and he succeeded in that, though the stakes had been bigger than Wrik had planned. But that did not matter anymore, as his plan had succeeded.