Broken Tower Saga : The First Swordsman

The Maha Tower or The Broken Tower of Omega—some call it. It is a place of Dream, a place of myth, and a place of Chaos. Only a thousand among many get the chance to climb it each year. Wrik spent years to find this tower, ignoring his studies, University, but to no avail. Until a day when a letter came to his door with a pair of tickets to the tower. But before that, he had to appear in gruesome trials to enter the cruel Tower. ________________ Check out the other works: Chaos Cycle: The Eye of Genesis. ________________ [The novel is a bit slow compared to other webnovel. It picks up the pace from the 10th chapter or so.]

silent_walker · Fantasy
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220 Chs

Eye of Insights

When Wrik gained consciousness, it was already evening. He found himself moving slowly. . . On someone's back? He could hear insects buzzing, as well the sound of feet impacting on the ground. With a bit of effort, he finally opened his eyes and found that the sun had set by them. And he confirmed that he was on the back of someone. He felt relief that there was no harm to his body; there was only the fleeting yet stagnant pain in his head.

"Put me down." Wrik whimpered, and the one carrying him followed by putting him down slowly. He glanced at the youth; it was the guy who had vomited on the summoning chamber. He was about his age, but looked a year or two younger. He was fair-skinned, maybe a bit delicate for a man, but he had a handsome feature with copper hair.

"You finally woke up, I was really worried, you know." The guy said. there was one more person present there other than him. Wrik finally noticed it was the emerald-eyed girl he met before.

"Thank you for taking care of me while I was passed out." Wrik eyed the handsome guy.

"Well, you should thank her, she asked for it."

He was about to ask her when she opened her mouth before him, looking into his eyes. "Your eyes, what happened to you?"

Wrik frowned. "My eyes? What about it?" he asked.

As Wrik listened to her, he found that his eyesight became relatively sharper than before, though it's quite hard for him to concentrate on anything particular as the sluggish pain was still in his head. He put in additional effort and found the actual difference; now, he could see almost everything within the radius of five hundred metres if he put his mind into it, even in this dim light.

"There is a silver ring around your pupil, it is as if sparkling," she said. "What happened to you? Don't you feel any change?"

Wrik looked at the other guy—who said the same thing, "Yes, there really is a silver ring in your eye. I thought maybe it is heredity."

"I felt some changes in my sight. I can see things more clearly now," he remembered what happened in the awakening chamber. "Let me check in the status window to be sure."

When he opened the status window, Wrik was shocked.

[ User: Wrik Everknight

Class: None.

Omega Rank: E (Omega origin)

Specie: Human (Carbon-based)

Height: 184.6cm.

Mass: 69.74 kgs.

Age: 20.

Gender: Male.

Inviter: Rita Inistler

Affiliation :

Alias :

Private Attributes :

Strength: 8.

Agility: 14.

Constitution: 6.

Vitality: 10.

Perception: 31.

Intelligence: 24.

Magic Power: 17.

Luck: 45

Free stat points: 1

N.B: An adult normal male's basic average stat is 5.


1. Eye of Insights: (Grade: Mysterious) (Rank: B-)

Eye of Insights is beyond the scope of just vision. It falls under mystical ability. It helps the user in discerning truth from falsehood with a higher-level perception. With the current ability of the user, the usage of this ability is still limited. It gives the user the following abilities.

- Acute sight: Nothing in the present can escape from the Eye of Insights. It can see through the inner being of oneself. Please note that with the user's current ability there may be many things that the user cannot discern.

- Inspect: It's the extension of Acute sight. The user can use a general inspection on anything, the user may not gain any vital information as the user's knowledge was lacking. Note that the user can use the data from OMEGANET's database when the user is qualified.

- Unknown :

N.B - The current user may not be able to use this ability for more than a few minutes. The advancement of this ability depends on Perception, Intelligence, Agility, Magic power and spirit.

Techniques and skills :

>Swordsmanship: E.

Achievements (0):

OMEGA credits: 5000; Omega Point : 0 ]

Wrik first tried to digest what was showing in the status window. He read the description about the Eye of Insights a few times before sighing. What the description tells was that the Eye of Insights was currently out of his league. It told him he could see everything in the present situation, yet the reality was different. Other than the clear sight, he didn't feel much change.

Second, the Inspect ability was the same as well. It might not even show anything because Wrik had little knowledge about this world. Well, even if he studies for hundreds of years, it might not be possible to collect everything, maybe not even 10%. The only thing that showed hope was the OMEGANET's database, but there that: he was currently unqualified.

There was still the Unknown ability—Wrik knew nothing of. He was currently feeling like someone with billions of penz, yet he couldn't use it in fear of inquisitors. But the new ability made him quite pleased; so what if he couldn't use it to its full potential? Nobody knows about the future. A curve appeared on his lips.

The guy grunted. "Eh…?"

" Wait a minute, I'm still reading."

Apart from the ability, some attributes increased. Strength, Constitution and Vitality didn't increase a single point as they were physical attributes. Agility increased by 2, Intelligence by 5. Perception crossed 30 and now was 31. The stat that increased the Most was Luck from 17 to a whopping 45 points. An increase of 28 points just by sleeping a few hours. Well, that's how luck was.

'And there was this Rita Inistler.' he made a mental note on that name. It didn't ring any bells on his mind. "Alright, I'm finished."

"So what's that about?" With curiosity in her emerald eyes, the young woman asked.

"Well, it's an ability. Though, nothing much for now, just acute vision and inspection. Well, it'll take time to develop it." As Wrik said that, he concentrated his gaze on the sword that he chose before. With the help of Omeganet, it was quite easy to use Inspect on something. It took about 4 or 5 seconds for a blue window to appear in front of me.

[Steel sword: Normal

It's a sword made of steel alloy (tier-1). The length of the blade is 104cm with a breadth of 6.4cm. It's the basic weapons that could handle Mahasaying.]

"It's rather bland," Wrik said, looking towards the other two. Then he remembered they still didn't know what to call each other. "Why don't we introduce ourselves first? I'm Wrik Everknight, I used to live in Elania before this."

"Well, I'm Davin Mckain. We're from Elania as well," the copper-haired fellow said. "It seems the world is quite small."

"Well, Davin, thank you again for helping out." Wrik then glanced at the girl—standing carefree, with over one bag in her shoulder. He awkwardly sounded out. "Well, miss, this is the third time."

The emerald-eyed girl clicked her tongue in response and walked away.

"Don't worry about her, she's not usually like this," the copper-haired youth, Davin said.

"I can imagine."

Wrik looked around to see where they were currently. Well, it's in the midst of the trial. And it's the middle of a wilderness.

"So what happened while I was unconscious ?"

. . .

In another location, in the wilderness, where darkness was omnipresent. A lanky figure could be seen running while panting heavily. Behind him were the silhouettes of dozens of goblins chasing after him while growling.

"Fuck! Why am I alone here with these goblins?" Grumbled the figure as he threw two knives with both of his arms. He brandished his blade as he prepared for a massacre.