108 Saint-level Master of the Dark Church

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Joelson walked into Antoine's mansion.

It was a very luxurious decoration, comparable to the luxury of the palace.

The servants and waiters in the mansion were already cowering in the corner, trembling in fear. But from time to time, guards would rush out from the side and try to attack Joelson.

There were dozens of ice blades floating quietly around Joelson.

As long as someone rushed up, they would split an ice blade and shoot it out.

Antoine's expression was unsightly, and his gaze was ferocious as he said angrily to the person beside him.

"No, Sir Cliff, he is not Ulysses. He will only create a huge obstacle for our plan!"

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Beside Antoine was a figure hidden in the black fog, just like the person in the Baron's territory.

The figure in the black fog sneered and said, "All geniuses are like this. Ulysses was also proud, but the God of Darkness can naturally make them submit."

Antoine wanted to say something.

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