109 Beating up a Saint-Level Powerhouse

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Antoine sprawled on the ground in a sorry state, but the smile on his face became more and more wanton. He was no longer as handsome and refined as before. Instead, he looked very ferocious.

Joelson Edward, the proud genius.

He had rejected his good intentions many times, yet he still dared to take the initiative to come up and try to kill him.

Hahaha! There was nothing more exciting than witnessing the death of a super genius with his own eyes.

Since Joelson was destined to stand against him, he had to be killed before he could grow up!

Cliff rose into the air and stood at the same height as Joelson. He said coldly, "You have rejected the Dark Church's good intentions. You are destined to pay the price!"

Joelson looked at him and said calmly, "Idiot."



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A gust of wind swept past.

The fiery red dragon claw swept across Cliff's body with terrifying power.

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