Becoming Usopp

We all have at least once thought of living in the world of One Piece...but surely living in the body of Usopp barely enters our mind. Let's see how our protagonist finds his way into this world of One Piece after being transmigrated into Usopp's body. Though initially disappointed he works his way through with what he has and embody's a positive mindset to pave his way through this world. Unbeknownst to him, the initially known pathway slowly diverges into something entirely unknown to the point where what was formerly known could no longer be relied upon. Personally, I dislike long summaries so let's end this at that.

Horny_Gentleman · Anime & Comics
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66 Chs


Hearing Usopp's words Kaya went down on her memory lane as she started thinking over all the moments, she had shared with Usopp till now. It was indeed true that he had approached her first out of nowhere and started telling her all kinds of stories to make her feel better.

Hearing the reasoning behind those actions from him now made her realize that he had such deep feelings for her but what pained her was the way in which he had told her about it right now. His words carried almost no hint of lingering feelings, it felt as if he had moved over her and the feelings he had for her were no longer there.

Fearing this to be true Kaya asked out. "D-Do you not like me anymore?"

Hearing her question Usopp looked into her eyes as he asked her a question instead of answering "Would knowing it makes any difference? I'm leaving to become a pirate soon and even if that was not true, we don't belong to the same world, it's better for you to keep your distance from me otherwise you'll sully your image."

"Answer me." Kaya pressured him with her eyes.

"I find you beautiful…but as for those feelings, they are no longer there," Usopp replied.

"Is that so…" Kaya murmured as she looked down at the floor, lost in her thoughts.

"It's too late now, let me drop you home otherwise the people in your mansion will start worrying about you the first thing in the morning," Usopp said.

Kaya who had been looking down on the floor all this while clenched her hands into tight fists as she suddenly looked up into Usopp's eyes and said "You earlier said that you're going to leave this place forever to become a pirate right?'"

"Yes, that's why it's better for you to not be in contact with me," Usopp said knowing that it would be very likely for the marines to target her if they somehow got to know that she used to know him personally.

"Then I'll just have to give you a reason to come back…" Kaya said and before Usopp could interpret her words he heard the sudden sound of the chair falling and his eyes captured the petite young lady rushing towards him as she landed her lips right onto his.

Feeling the soft petal-like lips pressing forcefully on his, Usopp's mind went blank before his natural instincts took over. His lips parted a bit and let Kaya's upper lip enter his mouth and the moment it did he sucked on it with his lower as the soft petal started sharing some of its nectar.

Feeling a warm drop of Kaya's saliva trickle down his tongue his dry mouth also started salivating and producing its own supply. Kaya's upper lip was soon freed by Usopp and now Kaya forced her lower lip under Usopp's upper lip as she sucked on it while feeling his warm saliva enter her mouth.

In this way, the exchange of saliva that had started slowly quickened as the two became familiar with the movements. The sound of smooching was all to be heard in the room as the two became more and more intense after every few seconds.

Usopp looked up towards Kaya who was passionately kissing him while closing her eyes. She was on her feet this whole time and was kissing Usopp who had been sitting on his bed. Her legs had long grown weak from the sensation she was having in between her legs but she had wrapped her arms around Usopp's neck tightly to ensure that she won't fall.

Usopp's thick arms suddenly encircled Kaya's petite waist from both sides before pulling her body towards him. Feeling the huge arms over her waist Kaya couldn't help but feel safe but before she could mull over this feeling, she was pulled in by Usopp.

Usopp let the inertia do its job and Kaya was now lying on top of him with both of her hands placed on top of his chest to stop her head from bumping into Usopp. Kaya gasped for air as she was surprised by the sudden turn of events. Her face was only a couple of centimetres away from Usopp as a result he could feel the warm moist sensation of her breath on his face which further fuelled his desires.

His hands slowly crept inside the gaps in between her outfit as they started exploring her delicate back. Feeling the sensation of Usopp's skin over her back Kaya felt an electric pulse go all through her body before shyness took over her.

Usopp didn't waste this opportunity as he pressed Kaya's upper back towards him which made her head fall down and her soft juicy lips make contact with the craving lips of Usopp's. This time Usopp didn't hold back and directly forced his tongue inside her mouth before sealing Kaya's mouth with his lips.

Feeling the hot, moist and long tongue of Usopp rampaging inside her mouth as it played with her tongue Kaya lost control of her mind for a few seconds due to shock and pleasure and using this opportunity to the fullest Usopp explored all the deepest recesses of her mouth with his tongue which he doubted even her brush had ever explored.

After successfully gaining the title of the mouth explorer Usopp wrapped his tongue around Kaya's and it was at time Kaya's zoned-out mind finally recovered. Realizing how her mouth was currently being ravaged by Usopp she felt both embarrassed and delighted.

Sensing that Usopp wanted to wrap his tongue around hers she relented and helped him by positioning her tongue in such a way that will make Usopp's job easier. Feeling Kaya's tongue moving the way he wanted to and finally getting a firm grasp of it Usopp couldn't help but feel pleased with himself.

With his tongue now intertwined with Kaya's, Usopp started sucking on her lips that were sealing his before finally releasing his mouth as their shared saliva splashed on their faces. Feeling the saliva on their faces further fuelled the two of them making Usopp move one of his hands behind Kaya's head and press her head down on his face.

With the added force from Usopp's hand, the French kiss that they were relishing until now became even more intense as the two of them slowly started undressing each other to seek the ultimate pleasure that was to come from this act.