173 Caihong's first step

In a low-end bar, Liang stepped out of his car and hurriedly went inside. He threw a quick glance around and his gaze finally locked onto Zhiyuan's figure that was staggering at the bar counter. A woman, donned in a sexy revealing dress, was trying to flirt with him. Zhiyuan was ruthlessly pushing her away, but she wasn't giving up.

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Liang choked in his saliva. He rushed to his best friend's side and smiled at the hooker. "I am sorry, but he is married."

Zhiyuan dazedly looked up to see a blurry figure.


The woman gleamed. "Oh another sexy man," she openly checked him out. "Are you available then, honey?" She winked.

Liang coughed hard at her bold provocation. "I am married too."

"Tsk." She clicked her tongue," she grudgingly went away, lamenting over losing two handsome men.

Liang stared at his best friend's horrible state. "Zhiyuan. What happened? Why are you so hell drunk? What's with this gloominess?"

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