172 A surprise too shocking

"Elder Han. Can you hear what they are saying?" Soo Enlai tried his best to listen in on their conversation, but he failed. 

Han Huizhong sighed. "I cannot. If we go any closer, your sharp son might catch a whiff of us."

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Soo Enlai grumbled. Sometimes he wished for his son to not be so sharp. They eventually went back to gauging their body language and expressions. 

Back at the terrace, Zizi smiled with a heavy heart. "Oh! I see! You are right," she snorted. "It's such a pain to see you act so foolish. Glad you understand now. Don't be so pathetic."

She secretly dug her nails in her palm.

Yunru chuckled. "Thanks, Princess. It's because of you and... someone else that I am able to take this step." He raised his hand and ruffled her head, making her stiffen.

His long fingers and wide palm made her feel warm and emotional. Yunru tilted his head and asked, "Are you alright? You seem a little different."

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