3 Returning Gratitude

"I never thought I would meet such an interesting little thing in this place," Instructor Leonardo said as he looked at the slim and lanky figure of the boy with a head full of white hair, a smile stretching across his face.

"Neither did I, instructor Leo." Theo Rose said, feeling impressed with his tenacity and willpower but showing no interest in him.

"What do you think about him?" Instructor Leonardo asked as he pointed at Elliot.

Theo heard his words and rationally expressed his thoughts on the weakest magician in history, "It's hard to see someone as hardworking and determined as Elliot in this city. However, there are a lot of people like him out there in the world. He is better than most students in this school but not special or unique compared to the rest of the world. From the looks of it, he will only score the lowest in the entrance examination of the academy. He won't be remarkable in the future."

He wasn't interested in Elliot as his Eyes of Equality didn't pick up any significant signals from his body.

His eyes allowed him to judge the fate of others and much more!

Of course, since he didn't notice any traces of the golden radiance of glory around Elliot and only saw the black haze of death surrounding him, he determined that his future won't be remarkable and that he would die in at most a year.

"Maybe it will be as you say, but as long as he doesn't lose his determination, there will come a day where he will be able to prove himself in the eyes of others."

Instructor Leonardo seems to hold high expectations of Elliot proving himself as something more than the weakest magician, and he was looking forward to it.

Theo shook his head, believing in the future predicted by his special eyes.

Elliot was gonna die and that too in a year.

He was sure as his eyes has never been wrong.

At the same time, Alexander and his friends were sitting on the benches with disgruntled expressions as they looked at Elliot.

"Doesn't matter what he does. He is still a weakling that gets his ass handed out by me all the time," Cain said as he looked at Elliot.

"Yeah, you're right, but that isn't changing the fact that you all lost the bet, and I won it. Hurry up and hand it over to me before I beat it out of you all!" Big Boss said with a hearty laugh as he looked at Alexander, Cain, and their friend.

"Don't get angry, Big Boss."

"I will give you the promised money right away."

"Here you go."

The three of them opened their wallets, took a good sum of money from it, and handed it over to the big boss of the school with a smile.

"Good! Since you acted sensibly, I won't beat the crap out of you. Now scram before you piss me off!" The big boss said as he looked at them with murderous eyes.

The group of three friends Immediately stood up for their seat and went away from the big boss as they knew that pissing him off will not end well for them.

"I owe him one. Next time if he is in trouble, I will help him out and repay this favor." The Big Boss muttered under his breath as he counted the money in his hand with a beaming smile on his face.

A few moments later, one of the teachers of the magician school stood before the students and said, "Gather up. The instructor has something important to announce."

Once the students have gathered together and were standing next to each other, instructor Leonardo and Theo Rose walked up to them, and when they stood before them, the older one out of the two began speaking, "You've done well today. It's praiseworthy. But I hope you will do even better in the entrance examination of the magician academy that will be held soon. Now go and enjoy whatever you want to do. You only have free time on your hands until the entrance examination. So do as you like. See you guys later!"

"Goodbye, instructor."

As soon as he said those words, the students waved their hands and wished him goodbye.

"We've seen enough. It's time to head to the academy." Instructor Leonardo said to Theo Rose.

"Alright," Theo said as he followed him.

Soon they were out of the school and heading towards the Academy on foot.

The bell rang out, indicating that the last of school has ended.

Elliot breathed a sigh of relief as he didn't see his bullies anywhere near him, and he hurriedly turned to sneak his way out of the school and return to his room allocated to him by the Magician Association.

At that very moment, Alexander's voice sounded from behind him.

"Where do you think you're going, Elliot?"

Elliot turned around to look at his nemesis with a sly smile and outstretched middle fingers before he said at the top of his lungs, "To hook up with your sister, you creepy stalker!"

Alexander's hands balled into a fist and veins throbbed in his head as he started running towards him.

Elliot turned around and began running towards the nearby tree.

After a few minutes of running in the woods, Alexander closed upon him.

"Where the hell do you think you're running?!"

As soon as he got close enough to him, he swung his hands forward. At the same time, a powerful gust of wind appeared out of nowhere and crashed down on Elliot, knocking him down to the ground.

"Ouch!" Elliot cried out in pain as he felt his back heating up, almost as if his skin has torn.

"Where are you going to run now, huh?" Alexander said as he looked at him in the same way a hunter would look at its prey.

"You bastard! Using your ability on citizens of Xavier is forbidden. Don't you fear the law?" Elliot said as redness crept up his eyes.

"I do fear the law of the magician association, but they won't do anything to me."

"What?" Elliot backed up a bit, feeling that there was something wrong with the bastard in front of him.

Alexander laughed at the top of his lungs, then said, "Look around you. We are in an isolated place. There's no camera here. Neither is there another person except for you and me. Isn't this a perfect place to commit murder?

"Have you gone crazy? What did I even do that you would want to kill me?!" Elliot wanted to scamper for his life, but his legs were like jelly at the moment. 

Alexander ignored him and continued, 

"After I rip apart your body and cover my tracks, DNA, and stuff, who's going to point their fingers at me? At most, the association will brush over this matter as only you died, someone who is worth less than an ant."

Thunder rumbled in the sky, and droplets of water started to plunge down to the ground.

"Even heaven is helping me," Alexander said as he opened his palm to catch a few droplets, which started floating just above his palm as gusts of wind swirled in the center of his palm, joining and condensing into the shape of a ball.

The rain might also cover his footprints! Elliot's eyes widened in horror that his death might end up becoming a mystery.

"No matter how badly I mess up with you in this place, no one would give a damn! Haha!"

Just as it looked like Alexander would blast Elliot apart, a voice packing pride and arrogance sounded from behind his back.

"Oh, really?" The voice that the students of the school fear the most sounded in the area and when it reached Alexander's ears, he trembled unconsciously.

Before he could turn around to look at his worst nightmare, Big Boss channeled magic energy into his supernatural cells and opened his hands apart from each other.

"Ability: Bending the Earth!"

An instant after those words left his mouth, the earth beneath Alexander's feet split open, and he immediately fell to the depths of it, getting swallowed.

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