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I originally thought this was a world like any ordinary urban novel... Drawing manga and traveling is quite enjoyable. But could you please tell me what's the deal with this magus named Emiya Kiritsugu who suddenly appeared in my face? Who changed the setting? And it seems that now I can enter the world of the manga I created and get a reward?

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[273] Just the Beginning

"Oh, isn't this Barthomeloi Lorelei?" Alucard pulled the trigger, killing the last magus standing in front of him, laughing madly, "It's a pity, all your subordinates, your dogs, are already dead."

"Not one left! How about that? Any thoughts?"

Around them, hell had already taken shape. Countless corpses lay on the ground. Rivers of blood flowed towards the center, towards Alucard.

In the distance, Saber and Archer were still dealing with the white dragon. Despite numerous wounds, the dragon continued to roar.

The sky darkened, not due to the setting sun or appearing storm clouds, but because of bats. At some point, the sky had become filled with bats, blocking out the sun.

"How about it? This drama, after dealing with those two, you now have only two cards left in your hand?" Alucard extended his hand, smiling, "As for that Caster... he doesn't have much combat power, does he? Or do you think he can use his Noble Phantasm against me?"

Barthomeloi Lorelei clenched her fists tightly.

Responding to the communication, she hurried over, only to witness the hell unleashed before her. It was laid bare, revealing the gruesome scene.

This was her mistake.

The core of the clone squad is her.

Without her... they can't unleash their full combat power at all. Even if she's just there commanding, they can still exhibit a far superior combat capability.


Now, everything is over.

Her squad has ended.

"Now, how are you prepared? For revenge?"

"Consider it revenge." With the wind, Barthomeloi Lorelei fell to the ground: "Since such a thing has happened, there is no reason to turn a blind eye!"

"Hmph... Hahaha—what a pity, my target is not you, at least not now." Alucard laughed, "You've been left behind—"


Barthomeloi Lorelei's face turned ugly.

Watching him turn towards the other side to fight the White Dragon, leaving Mordred behind.

Looking at the corpses on the ground, Barthomeloi Lorelei just clenched his fists tighter, blood flowing from the gaps between his fingers: "Is there... anyone alive—anyone alive!"


"None... are they all dead? My squad... is this all there is? Is it so simple to fall into the hands of monsters?"

Still no clear answer...

Everyone is dead.

Servant's reinforcement was in vain; her squad was so powerless against that monstrous monster.

Rider can't move, unless using a command spell.

The hidden Berserker is also gone...

When did things start spiraling out of her control?

Right... it began when that DIO appeared. From that moment, everything started to go awry.

The situation in her hands has slipped away.

The conversation...

Part of it should be the Holy Grail. In exchange for them, the Mage's Association obtained the Holy Grail. The balance of the world began to shift.

But it's not over!

Things are far from over.

She still has Rider.

And that king!

It's impossible to lose... absolutely impossible. She initiated this Holy Grail War, so victory must be obtained.

Give it all!

"Sleep... then sleep. I will drag every one of you out from that monster's body and send you to hell after cutting you down... don't think about hiding, and don't even think about escaping!"


"Exhausted, huh? Can you still fight?"

"You don't need to worry about that." Mordred glanced at Alucard from behind as she tightened her grip on her sword, feeling the heaviness of the sword, "What? Are you here to mock me? Well, I won't give you that chance!"


Mordred no longer looked at Alucard; instead, her gaze was fixed on the sky, where the white dragon soared.

'Ah, I see.'

"I want to win!" Mordred spoke to the white dragon, "That's the enemy of my father. Father killed that white dragon! This time... I want to take him down! Let me be the one to kill him, please!"

"I understand," Kairi, gazing at the back of his hand with the Command Spell, said after a moment of silence, "Hey, will you participate in the next Holy Grail War?"

"Haha! Assuming..." Mordred laughed, "Well, when I think about it carefully, I don't have any wishes to entrust to the Holy Grail anymore. But... occasionally, going for a stroll in a world like this isn't bad, right?"

"That's true... so—" Kairi looked at the Command Spell on the back of her hand, "Saber! Go, kill that white dragon!"


Mordred shouted as she rushed towards the white dragon, "This time—I'll be the one to subjugate you!"

The light on her sword dimmed.

After—slowly, the light overflowed, covering her entire body.

"Oh..." Alucard had no intention of stopping the white dragon or anything similar. He just watched, laughing after Mordred shouted, "This is humanity... it always makes me burst into laughter. Truly beautiful... let me see your radiance!"

"Clarent—Blood Arthur!"

Up until now, the light had never shone so brightly on her sword. Despite the fact that the light should have been completely extinguished, it once again shone brightly—

The light pillar pierced through the heart of the white dragon!

"Haha... I did it! Father—I, defeated this king! Can you acknowledge me now? Father..."


Powerlessly, she fell to the ground.

Exceeding her own capabilities, putting forth all her strength, Saber felt extremely weak throughout her body.

Clap, clap, clap—

Alucard approached, clapping his hands, smiling, "Congratulations, congratulations... you finally managed to kill him, but is that enough? Indeed, if it were the real white dragon, he should have been eliminated by now. However, isn't that the case now?"

"What you face isn't a white dragon; it's a monster. Is it over now?"

"Oh, it's over." Mordred slowly sat up, saying, "I'm satisfied anyway. As for you, well, who cares about you."

However, even as she said that, she raised her sword towards Alucard, "But—since you still want to fight, come on then!"

"That's right. It's just like that." Alucard grinned, "The war... has only just begun!"


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