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I originally thought this was a world like any ordinary urban novel... Drawing manga and traveling is quite enjoyable. But could you please tell me what's the deal with this magus named Emiya Kiritsugu who suddenly appeared in my face? Who changed the setting? And it seems that now I can enter the world of the manga I created and get a reward?

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[272] Hell Scroll


Bullets pierced through the shattered armor on Saber's shoulder that had been broken before.

In the distance, arrows pierced through Alucard's skull.

Crash, crash—

Pairs of magus rushed over, setting up barriers around, enclosing Alucard within!

"Silver bullets, prepare—"

"Didn't they say silver doesn't work against him?"

"After all, he's a vampire. It should be more effective than ordinary attacks!"


Bang, bang, bang, bang—

The magus didn't use their pre-set magecraft spells; instead, they used mercury-tipped bullets prepared in anticipation of facing Alucard. The moment they confirmed Alucard as their enemy, their weapons were already ready!

"Bounded field ready! Trap him! Don't let him escape!"

Crack, crack—

Blood sprayed from Alucard's body, but it was somehow contained, not splattering out.

It was a bounded field.

Layer after layer of bounded field, allowing entry but not exit!

Sizzle, sizzle—

The surroundings of the barrier were filled with high temperatures. When Alucard touched the bounded field, the scent of burning flesh wafted from his fingertips.

"Go! Let him experience the professionalism of the clone squad!" Mevis, standing on a high place, gave the command.

After some time, the gunfire ceased.

Now, the bounded fieldwas enveloped in blood.

The inside couldn't be seen at all.


At the next moment, a giant black dog broke through the bounded field and rushed into the midst of the magus.



Unlike before, the magus had their defenses up this time.

Two familiars stopped the black dog, and in the next moment, a magus reinforced his entire body. With one strike, he pierced through the black dog's brain, ending the life of this familiar.

"It's over, Alucard. Your characteristics have decided that without using your Noble Phantasm, you can't break through the encirclement of this clone squad." Mevis sighed.

"Haha... Hahaha—Break through? Just with you guys?"

Mevis's pupils slightly contracted. In the pool of blood, several figures slowly crawled out.

"Are those... Dead Apostles?" Mevis's pupils slightly contracted. They were high-ranking Dead Apostles... the ones who should have been killed!

For some reason, they appeared under his command!

Even with the clone squad, it might not be possible to defeat two high-ranking Dead Apostles simultaneously. Now... there were three of them!

Not only that.

There were also representatives from the Holy Church.


"Nolan Erskin..." One of the representatives looked at the figure crawling out of Alucard's blood, his face turned pale, and his mouth twitched. They were his former comrades who had now become part of the River of Death under Alucard!


"Hehe... Hahaha—Well then, magus! Face the monster that is your enemy! So, what are you? Human? Dogs? Or monsters?" 

Swoosh, swoosh—

Two arrows were shot towards the Dead Apostles crawling out of Alucard's blood, but then they were blocked by a wing—

"So—Magus, your enemies are monsters. Come! Heroic Spirits! Facing you is also a Heroic Spirit—equally a Heroic spirits in battle!"


A roar erupted.

From Alucard's blood emerged a white dragon roaring.

"What is this—?" Mordred couldn't believe what she was seeing, looking at the white dragon, sensing a familiar feeling.

Although she had never seen Vortigern.

But the moment she saw it, she knew, "Is that the White Dragon of Britain that my father faced? The White Dragon of Britain..."

"Come! Dance! Together with blood, let me show you what hell truly is. From now on... the tickets to hell are discounted, oh."

Blood splattered.

Undead monsters, three Dead Apostles, several representatives of the Holy Church, and the magus originally part of the clone squad.

In the sky, the white dragon roared.

Mordred's sword lost its radiance.

Arash kept pulling back the bowstring, aiming his arrows at the sky—

"Wonderful—this is undoubtedly hell! This scroll, without a doubt, is the scroll of hell!" Shakespeare sang aloud. In front of this hell—

"Yeah... it's not bad indeed..." Carlos Copperfield, the Master of Shakespeare, affiliated with the democratic faction, looked at the scene before him and chuckled.

He smirked, lifting the corners of his mouth.

Come on... this is how it should be, this is strong enough.

Kill everyone...

And then die yourself... In this way, the final winner can be determined, and by that time, the final winner will be his Servant... the seemingly useless Caster!

"Looking at me like this, I feel a little embarrassed." Shakespeare shrugged his shoulders.

Carlos Copperfield twitched his mouth: "Get out of here!"

"Yes, yes, then I'll go to a more suitable place to watch the battle. All this in front of us will definitely play a part in the epic of the whole world!"


"Damn monsters—!" The magus trembled.

In their lives, they had seen various kinds of monsters, various kinds of Dead Apostles.

Even if their hearts were destroyed, they could regenerate.

Even if their heads were chopped off, they could come back to life.

But... all of this had a limit, and not knowing the countermeasure wasn't terrifying. Knowing the countermeasure was even more terrifying.

For example, now—

If they didn't know what Alucard was, if they didn't know what Alucard was up to.

They could try various ways to kill him, use magecraft to dismember him with a smile, use magecraft to turn him into a corpse.


At the moment when everything became known, it was different.

There was only one way to kill him— at least, for them, the only way to do it was only once—

Facing his several million souls, kill him hundreds of thousands of times.

This way, they would win.

This way, they would be victorious!


"What kind of joke is this! How could this be something humans can do? How could someone achieve such a thing!" 

"No, there is one." Alucard aimed his gun at a magus who had lost both legs. "As for being unable to do it yourselves, are you really human? Or are you dogs? Probably just dogs!"


"Saa—everyone, the gates of hell have just opened!"


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