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Dear god, for having a high INT stat mc sure is stupid. First, she decided to start a website to sell future tech, without any patents, without any understanding of the market or precautions to stop the military and companies from finding her or stealing her tech. Then she decided it would be a good idea to use a high tech futuristic drone to deliver her projects! are you kidding me? does she want the entire worlds militaries after her? she also would need air space licenses up the wazoo. Mc even admits she knows nothing about business but still brazenly spends all her saving and credits over things she cant use without getting caught. If she just wanted money she should have taken the tech and licenses pieces of it. Even just the battery on her drone, its license would be worth 10s of billions. Instead, she is using for fucking delivery!!!


Hey guys, author here. Yes, I am shamelessly giving myself full stars. This novel is about how Natasha has lived 10 years in the apocalypse, dies, and returns back 1 year before it all started. This is going to mostly be a base building novel with a building system where she builds up a fortress, collects resources, levels up, and occasionally fights. First couple chapters(8-15 chapters) are going to be before the apocalypse starts


Very good story so far bro! Just keep going! Apocalypse genre is far more interesting than the others, in my point of view lol ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


I really love this novel and hope that the author continues to write chapters. So far, chapter are being posted daily, and a few days had more than one being posted. The combination of Base Building, System, Apocalyptic, and secon chance make this a really great novel, and since, I think, the writer speaks English as a primary language, grammar errors are few and far between. I also really like the writing style of this author!!! With the addition of a female protagonist, which most, of not all, of these kinds of story’s do not have, I feel that this novel is very well rounded! I give my full support and hope for many more chapters to come!!!


5/5 estrellas. buena historia, la trama lleva mucho futuro esperemos, me gusta la forma de escribir, por cierto puede robar grandes bancos o cadenas comerciales internacionales de comida o materiales y etc con edificio completo cuando no se encuentra nadie con el inventario, otra consulta puede ir a los vertederos y vender la basura al sistema? o juntar algo de armamento y armadura y ir a los carteles o ladrones y robarles, hay muchos con dinero fisico o en cuentas de banco? la otra tener una inteligencia artificial que entre internet y robe las cuentas de bancos famosos de paraisos fiscales y saque todo el dinero por partes? o recerbas federales? aun que yo eligiria los criminales no buscarian policias, y como usaria una armadura y facilmente podria desaparecer? o casinos en sus bovedas tienen para elegir. esperando mas capitulos 5/5 stars good story, the plot takes a long future hopefully, I like the way of writing, by the way can steal large banks or international food chains or materials and etc with full building when no one is with the inventory, another query can go to landfills and sell garbage to the system? or gather some weapons and armor and go to the cartels or robbers and rob them, are there many with physical money or in bank accounts? the other have an artificial intelligence that enters the Internet and steals the accounts of famous banks of tax havens and take all the money in parts? or federal hearings? even that I would choose the criminals would not look for police, and how would use an armor and could easily disappear? or casinos in their vaults have to choose. waiting for more chapters


The story development is going well , i just hope that we don't need to wait 200 chapters to reach the apcalypse part though Well, keep up the good work and more chapters!!!!!!


I feel like she'll eventually and completely control the supply in commodities and services. After earning billions or trillions of dollars, Natasha will be able to divert the chaos and deaths that comes with the apocalypse.


Really well written, interesting system and a nice story going on - kinda amusing how she can buy seemingly everything and I'm looking forward to how those 1000 UFT (unidentified flying trucks, if I remember correctly) and everything she is currently doing before the apocalypse will effect her afterwards :) The system seems to be quite op at this point however, since she's able to to buy high tech stuff and resell those with the help of drones bought from the system, even getting those high-class business deals - I'm wondering, how she'll have some challenge later on at all, if it's going so smooth currently. But this story is one of the few rare apocalypse ones that got me really hooked, really graving for more, keep the good work up author! :)


This is the only novel that I've found which has a female lead in an apocalypse setting that's into girls. Very interesting idea, also it works really well on world building and creating a sense of *******. It might not be realistic to actually happen, but like that's why it's a novel about a zombie apocalypse why would it be bound by our sense of reality? I love this novel.




Superb story I love Apocalypse-Fortress whose protagonist is a woman in a world apocalypse, who comes back a year before its beginning with a system. The auror then shows his beautiful originality with the construction of a company selling various objects of his system to finance his future base (and who worries about patent and possible reproduction of futuristic object if in one year these the end of the world )


Like it when it’s at least a different gender except for only male lead all the time. I hope this novel has post more updates it’s good keep up the good work Arthur!!!!!!🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍😊😊🙏😊


muy buena la historia, esperando mas capitulos, suerte y gracias por traer esta historia tromjh2424 ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


Overall great story so far, has absolutely enormous potential and interesting characters and themes.For anyone debating on reading just do it, you won't regret it.


I enjoy reading this..thanks to author.. hopefully you keep writing till the end..so many good novel just stop in the middle..thanks again..give this novel a try guys


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Love this book so much. I get so into it, trying to figure out what all needs to be done. My heart started to race when the MC learned she had less time to prepare than she originally started. Can't wait for more chapters!!


The writing quality is great, very well written and easily readable without having to read a sentence again to comprehend it. The system's section could be improved by adding a symbol of some sort to indicate that it's the section title. Example: [Section Name] Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder Chapter releases is good, but I admit that I'm being selfish and want at least 2 in one per day for 5 days. Take the weekends off or whatever suits the author best; don't want him getting sick of writing and mentally exhausted. Story development has a good temp, not too fast or too slow. At some places it gets straight to the point instead of needlessly dragging it out. Character Design is also wonderful, it's totally not because we have a lesbian MC. World Background is well, but could have more details albeit minor to give us more to imagine the surroundings and world. Overall, I'd love for this novel to continue until the very last chapter. I don't normally write reviews, even if it's for a novel that I like a lot. But this is novel is like a bottle of water in the middle of the desert, even though I've been seeing a couple of Apocalypse + System novels, but unlike the others, this is quality material. Keep up the great work.


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I an liking your story very much. Congrats on webnovel contacting you, but be sure that you have enough chapters in reserve in case you get a writer's block. Thanks for the new chapter and I await with baited breath the coming chapters 😁😁😁