10 Ken's down with a Fever

There are two things I hate the most. One is eating alone and the other is being alone when I am sick. So I don't want Ken to be alone at this time and took a leave from college.

Ken asked me "Why are you not getting ready?" I said, "I am on leave today." He immediately insisted "You don't need to take care of me! I am fine now." But I argued "I already informed the lecturers about the leave. You cannot make me go." He sighed in defeat. Sometimes I can be so stubborn that everyone has to agree with me one or the other way.

After a bit I asked Ken for his house keys. Ken immediately started getting up like he wanted to come along. I stated "You stay here and hand me the keys." I know by seeing Ken's face that he was shocked to see me demanding. He started searching for it and said that it might be in his coat pocket.. I took the key and said "Don't even move an inch! Get some sleep." I stepped out of the room and closed the door. I took deep breath. Though I seemed bold, I could barely breath then. I laughed to myself about this incident. I remembered how he took care of me when he barely knew me. I should definitely take good care of him. Very good care....

I initially thought of cleaning his house since he is sick. But his house is really clean. There isn't much to do for me. I cleaned his fridge by removing all the left overs. I saw some laundry so I washed them and dried them. I cleaned the house. Even though I did so much, I didn't feel tired. I was quite happy. After doing all the works, I locked the house and went to mine. Ken feel asleep. He seemed tired. I took his temperature. It came down to 99o F. Seems like he will get well in no time.

I tried to prepared some nutritious meal for him. I cooked too many dishes instead of preparing a light meal. But then again he has to eat to get energy. The more the merrier. I don't know if this phrase works like this too. HAHA. I wanted to wake him up to eat. He looked like a kid while sleeping. He seemed so cute. I was also feeling a bit tired so, I sat by the bed, on the floor and laid my head on the bed. I don't know how but I fell asleep.

After what seemed a long time, I opened my eyes to see Ken watching over me. Seems like I slept for a while. I was not expecting to see him awake. I unknowingly put my hand on his forehead to see how he is. It seemed normal. Ken took my hand. He held my hand and kept seeing it. Why is he seeing my hand like that? He immediately said "Meeting you was the best thing that has happened to me in the college. I want you to stay beside me...Always." What is he saying? My heart squeezed on hearing that. Tears welled up in my eyes. After saying that, he didn't speak anything. I was quite nervous beside him. So I changed the topic and asked if he'd like to eat to break the silence. He said yes and I went to bring all the dishes. He was quite shocked to see so many dishes. He said "Even though I am sick, seems like I will be finishing it all."

He was going home after eating, so I accompanied him. He was shocked to see his home spot clean. He looked at me in astonishment. I shrugged as if I don't know anything and smiled. He immediately started thanking me, "You didn't need to do this. Thank you for taking care of me and the house." Then I denied him "It's nothing. It's better to take rest early. Get some sleep." After that I left the house to give him some space.

As I missed the lectures, I called the class representative to find what happened in the class. So I started preparing notes for today's class and made another copy for Ken. It took me a long time to do that. It was already dinner time, so I prepared a quick dinner and took it to his house.

I checked his temperature as soon as he opened the door again and found it to be normal. Ken was shocked to see me like this. I was never so forward with my actions. Smiling at him, I excused myself in. I set the table to eat. He seemed to be back to his normal self. I am relieved now. But don't ask me why, even I don't know. As we were eating he kept saying there was no need for washing his clothes and doing all the cleaning. He kept on going but i stopped him. I sternly said " If I am in your state would you leave outside?" He replied "No." I continued, "Would you just say to take care of myself and leave me alone in my home? And would you let me starve? And..." Before I could state more he stopped me by saying "I understand your highness." With that I burst out laughing and it was joined by Ken. I agree if it wasn't for Ken I would be a loner here in the city.

It tired me out but I was happy to be of help. It was a first time for me to be so bold. Back when I was in my hometown I was definitely introverted. Now, seems like something has changed. I got a friend and we care for each other. Apart from the strange reactions from heart everything is normal.

In the morning, I decided that I won't go for practice and asked Ken to get rest for today. When it's time for college, I went to Ken's to find out if he has taken medicine. Ken said, "There is no need for it and I am already fine." I glared at him and Ken immediately took the medicine without another word . Then I smiled which Ken returned. Ken and I went to college together. I gave him the notes I prepared yesterday. He was about to say thank you but I stopped him saying, " I heard it a lot yesterday. You better not say it again." After yesterday's events we are definitely a lot closer then before. He smiled at me. We went to class together for the first time.

We often meet a lot of people in the journey of life. There are only few we get really close to. And some who seem so familiar like you knew them all your life. They are really close to your heart.

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