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Alien v Predator: The Noctivagant Series


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What is Alien v Predator: The Noctivagant Series

Read Alien v Predator: The Noctivagant Series fanfiction written by the author Imagine_Kayla on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Movies fanfic stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Follow Nichole Shain as she tries to find her place in the universe after a series of alien attacks shatters her formerly safe and normal existence. She'll battle real and personal demons while trying to gain the approval of a vicious alien warrior from a far-away planet, proving that she's more than just human. Maybe she'll even find an ounce of the happiness she once felt as a teenager before her world was filled with death and misery. "Strength isn't about how much you can handle before you break, but how much you can handle after you've broken." Volume 1: Phantasm Nichole is a teenager trying to get through her life like anyone else; friends, school, and family - the works. When something mysterious crashes in the Rocky Mountains just outside her hometown of Estes Park, Colorado, the kids of her school decide to investigate despite the military intervention. She soon finds herself a victim in an alien infestation. Trapped aboard a defunct spaceship, she makes an unlikely ally who is just as likely to kill her as he is to help her. Volume 2: Nightmare Years after the incident in her hometown, Nichole has worked her way up to becoming a Federal Agent working with aliens and other supernatural things. She's been working on finding a way to destroy the captured xenomorphs kept in the basement. When things inevitably go awry, she finally contacts Wolf and with her partner, Devon, the three must work together to rid Earth of the xenomorphs once and for all. Volume 3: Insomnia Following the events of Nightmare, Nichole has finally joined Wolf in space to become a hunter like him. Not only must she navigate her new life in an unfamiliar environment, learn an entirely new language, and train her body and mind, but she's also trying to navigate her relationship with this alien that has ruled her life. However, they're soon attacked by a pack of criminals and all of that gets put on hold while Nichole fights for not only her life, but Wolf's life as well.

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This novel is a hidden gem and good story so far especially a FMC lead that is rare for action genres.................................................................................


This leaves a very distinct feeling that differentiates this from others, an individuality like no other in the way it is written, constructed, and conveyed. All in all, a hidden gem that only a few seemed to have discovered its worth.


This book is amazing, keep going! Can't stop reading. Can't wait to see more. Do you have any social media that I can follow so I can know when you gonna update?


I love this book seeies and Icant stop reading it. I’m very hooked and i cant wait to read more. Keep up the great work ....................[img=update]


This is awsome!!!! There is plenty of action with some comedy sprinkled here and there which give you and amazing experience. The author took a well known figure/figures and turned it into an original masterpiece. P.S. This comic is not for those who can't handle a little gore here and there though so proceed with caution.


Reveal spoiler


Really good and nice storyline thank you. hopefully next space adventure ist nice


This... is well worth the time to read. This author’s ability to execute such a story is impeccable, with a similar feeling to the original movies. The pacing is perfect, and with the consistent uploads the story feels continuous too. The only qualm I have with the book is because Webnovel itself: it doesn’t allow chapters to be as long as I want them to be (author knows what I mean). Anyways, all jokes aside, definitely read this. Also, forgot to mention the author explains things well so you don’t necessarily have to be knowledgeable of the Aliens universe


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