There are two types of worlds. First is the world of day and the other is the world of night. The world of day belongs to us and the world of night belongs to them.

They lived in shadows. They are immortal. They are dead. One can say they are monster one can say they are cruel but no one can truly know them.

We do feel fear at night sometimes but not every time until you had visited Woodsow. A day in Woodsow came quiet like any other city but there was something different about its night. The humans came back to their homes before the sun sets. They all had the same feeling of terror among them for the night. Every night of the city was followed by screams, mourns, death, or the increasing horror. But that night was most terrible to all of them. The chaos, the destruction, the cries occurred like never before. All you can saw was depredation of humans and also of them. Before dusk dawn was quite usual like any other day in the city. All the citizens' wake up with more terror in their eyes, they tried to ignore the cries of the families of dead corpses who got killed by them previous night but it was all common for the woodsowers. They had to face it daily. They didn't know that they have to survive the scariest night of the city ever. The people had no idea what will they suffer at the end of the day. As any other day humans started moving to their work of cutting woods in the forest in their usual clothes. The crowd of woodcutters chatted about the incidents or shared their doubts behind that as usual. The women had all their household chores done before the men returned. Till the evening everyone had done their duties well. The streets of Woodsow were well flooded with piles of wood all over. There was an uncommon silence prevailed that evening. Calm before the storm. The wind was giving a warning by its blows. Trees were displeased as if they know what will about to happen. The flowers that bloomed in day were fading as they were anxious about the miseries that was about to happen. The sky was dark symbolizing the horror of the upcoming night. No moon, no stars, not even a sparkle of light was seen. The beautiful mountains behind the forest were nowhere to be seen. The woodsowers didn't pay any attention to it by considering it as sign of monsoon unaware of their bad fortune which was coming near and near with the passage of every second. Time flees as fast like a hawk towards its prey. The whole city was surrounded by dark, dense forests. The trees without leaves gave earning to entire life but it seems very scary sometimes. In the forests, they lived. Due to their essence one always felt someone there or the trees never regained their greenery. The havoc of that night too begins from there. Two evils of the night world came face to face with each other. The battle of centuries needed an end that night. Both powers decided to end each other in most terrifying ways. Both were equal in power and hence it had become difficult for them to rule Woodsow together. Each one of them wanted the whole city for it to live or rule. The fierce battle started when they both began to dominate one another. They were enemies from decades. It all started from the dark forests of Woodsow but in no time reached the city streets. And the game begins. Game of life, game of death and game to win Woodsow. As far as human eye can see there were pile of ashes, strains of blood, human corpses and an unwinding terror when the deadliest night of town had just begun. In the middle of street of yaw there was a figure more like a skeleton and less like a mortal was roaring towards them. People called it feral. Feral were pale, light purple skinned, horrible creature ever walked on earth. They're more likely to be nocturnal. Their eyes start to grow red faintly. They power was not determined by the time of day. Their ears were pointed. They don't have ability to think hence they act impulsively. Their nails are sharp. They are extremely violent. They looked battish. They can climb walls and stick to it. A feral is more likely to hang from things upside down. They don't have fangs. Also, it was the belief of woodsowers that these monsters often drink animal blood. The feral are ice cold and their nose was more long and pointed. Feral were a kind of them. But there were no similarity between them. Feral were inhuman deprived of feelings a terrific creature. A human can shiver to death merely at its sight. At the street of yaw a feral and one of them was trying to kill one another whereas humans were running to save their lives from either of them. Some are chased and killed by feral and the rest by them. Both the evils were crushing humans in their respective ways. Woodsow was all about them. Humans were only puppets in the hands of evil forces. There can only shiver or tremble with the horror lies in the city. Once anyone entered in the town they were not able to get out. They were forced to live there. And feral- the arch enemies of them. They were always behind each other and no one is treated with kindness or generosity in between. The main victim of this clash of two biggest powers on earth was humans. So, the question arises who were they? They were mostly like humans in their appearance- a man or woman with two eyes, two ears, one nose, and normal like humans. They can easily disguise themselves between us. The supernatural power that was different in them from mortals was their immortality. They can live to thousands of years with eternal youth. Also, they can easily hypnotize mortals by their magical charm and stunned beauty. One cannot escape from this phenomenal power they had. Due to their special power of attraction they came to be known as VAMPIRES......….

Vampires lived in Woodsow from decades. And so were feral. The battle between them always causes ruin, destruction. Both were very different from each others as feral used to drink animal blood and vampires ate human blood. Hence feral want to end humans in order to make vampires weak. As the disastrous night began feral were first to attack mortals. After that to gain more power vampires started sucking all the blood from their bodies that killed them.

At the street of yaw, a feral was slowly marching towards a vampire man. They both looked at each other with rage and hatred. Soon fangs descend from vampire's mouth and his eyes became red and he also took steps forward with fury. They both attacked each other in air and before landing to ground feral killed the vampire man and he turned into ash. That vampire man died easily as he was weak and exhausted. Not all other vampires died like him. The vampires who recently drank human blood was twice powerful than any feral.

As the destructive night continues the number of still dead bodies and amount of ashes were increasing every second.

In Woodsow, the street of hawl was well known for a grand mansion expanded in 200 acres of land. People said at night when the lamps of the mansion lightened it looks like thousands of stars travelled to earth shining simultaneously. But that night no lamps were lightened in the mansion. There was hollow and deep darkness at the street. In front of the bungalow there were piles of wood and big trees that were unexpectedly green. The killing continues on the street and survivors ran with all their might but none could escape. Far from behind the trees a tall figure is coming near and near towards the mansion running and gasping with fear. She was a woman of about 24 years of age with impressive features. She was all pale and shivering with terror of being caught. Her round black eyes were revealing her condition well, her pointed nose and rosy cheeks were all wet with sweat, her wavy, long, shiny black hairs were brushed up by the chilly wind, also her glossy lips pressed making her unable to even taking breath. She kept running for long being chased by three or more feral behind. Her long legs took big steps forward gaining as much speed as it can. Suddenly she bumped into a vampire woman. She couldn't handle herself she fell with her back flat on earth. The vampire woman's eyes were red and her fangs descended from mouth were filled with thick blood. She stared to the woman and felt attracted but lied still as horror overcomes the attraction. The feral approached to her first but interrupted by the vampire woman's blow. Her blow was so hard that it made the feral flying into air and a hit to tree turned it into ash. As she was attacking other feral knocking them out the girl overcame her fear, ascended to her foot, watched right or left and resumed running by catching her breath. She slipped behind a heap of wood in front of the bungalow and hide there as she knew that if she had been caught by that woman she sucks her whole blood making her dead. Her breath fastens, panting with the thought of no escape. She had no hope of life like others but had the courage to try till the last breath.

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