A random pokemon journey

Alexander was a fairly normal guy on earth or at least he hoped so. Somehow though he had gone his entire life without playing a single pokemon game or watching any of the anime. That changed when his friends kept pestering him about it and he finally gave in and purchased a few of the games that came highly recommended such as emerald , fire red , platinum and heart gold. He also bought a cheap ds lite to play all of them when he was off work. Unfortunately he was struck by lightning the moment he finished the last of them and died. He ended up awakening in a small cave at the foot of a mountain forest and learned he had a system to help him in this new and very dangerous world. AUTHOR Note------- This story will only be taking place in the world before the fairy type came out so only those regions exist in this version of the pokemon world. There will also be casual smut and maybe possibly an actual romantic option but I haven't decided yet , also no harems. I would like to add that everything with the system is RNG based so I have no control over it.

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While that whole battle was disappointingly easy I was still in a fairly good mood as that was my first trainer vs trainer battle. Would have preferred more of a challenge but I was also aware that I was not in the areas that truly skilled trainers might be found. While it is true that one can technically challenge the gyms in any order there was a sort of tradition about which gym was challenged at a time. The first was Rustboro city gym led by a hereditary gym leader woman my age named Roxanne.-

She specialized in rock type pokemon and had been trained from a young age to run the gym by her predecessor. Traditionally hers was the first gym to be challenged in order to earn the Stone badge. After her was by tradition Petalburg gym but with Norman taking it over the order was shuffled a bit and Dewford gym led by Brawly who was actually slightly older than me at twenty eight who specialized in fighting type pokemon. Then was the Mauville gym led by the only older generation leader still active Watson who was seventy seven and specialized in electric type pokemon.-

If it wasn't clear by this point the traditional path of progression followed the games with the exception of the second and fifth spots being in different places. The path I was taking for the league was the traditional one but the route I took to reach the gyms in that order was heavily skewed to let me experience places and things differently than the games. Iron town for example simply didn't exist in the games and was novel to see for me. My next destination was a week from here and was again a new place called orchard town.-

I didn't stop walking after my battle ended and was already out of the town after collecting my payment before Rose or that guy came back into the center. I released Vulcan and Gaia while I walked and we vanished into the distance. It wasn't a spontaneous choice or anything like that as I already planed on moving out the moment I got paid to begin with. It was certainly rude though and I was well aware of it , I simply didn't care. I didn't mind being courteous when necessary but as I will likely never return to this town or see anyone I met there again I didn't feel like it mattered , I was wrong apparently.-

The reason I say that was that no more than five minutes later my pokemon and I heard the sound of heavy and fast footsteps approaching us from the direction of the town. Confused I watched as a Dodrio kicked up a trail of dust behind it as it booked it straight at us. Vulcan was less than interested in dealing with whatever was going on here and fired off a warning flame thrower at the charging bird. Dodrio was an interesting pokemon in that it was basically a bigger version of an ostrich with the sole exception of that it had three fully functioning heads.-

How that worked I wasn't sure but it did so whatever I guess. In any case at least one of those three brains decided that not running at us was the best move screeching to a halt all movement. I sighed when Rose jumped off the back of the bird pokemon alongside a member of the Jenny clan , both of which looked pissed. "What the hell is wrong with you!?" the Jenny clan member yelled as they got closer on foot.-

Vulcan stepped forward with a snarl towards the two women at which point it seemed to dawn on them that it was not in the friendliest mood at the moment. I can't say that I didn't get WHY either as for about a week now it and Gaia have been cooped up in their balls and the moment they get some fresh air this whole drama happens. Don't go thinking Gaia was not also contemplating murder as well as I can tell you for certain that she was , aura was real useful like that.-

It's sort of hard to stay blisteringly angry in the face of two much more powerful creatures glaring at you with murderous intent practically oozing from them. I have to give it to these two ladies though as they only faltered for a brief moment before stomping their way forward again. Once they got within speaking distance though Vulcan and Gaia made it clear that there would be dire consequences if they so much as twitched wrong. "You could have killed us with that attack!" the Jenny said angrily. "If Vulcan wanted you dead at that time we wouldn't be talking right now." I said calmly.-

That seemed to cool the Jenny off immediately as she realized that I was probably correct. "How dare you go and humiliate that poor man and then leave without saying goodbye!" Rose spoke up venomously. "First Tank has literally two moves , that's it. What was I supposed to do , not use them? Second of all that guy has the worst sense of challenge ever. Honestly what part of me screams 'pick me! I'm a great opponent' to a rookie trainer? Finally is that we aren't friends , in fact we aren't even acquaintances. We met literally a week ago and barely talked during that time." I shut down each part of her statement calmly and efficiently.-

Rose recoiled at that vicious slap of reality and even the Jenny looked uncomfortable after hearing it. "You don't know me at all and I don't know you , we are basically strangers that have interacted briefly. I don't need to say goodbye to you or anyone else in that town. Even more I won't ever likely come back to that town so you will probably never see me in person again , so with that understood why are you here?" I spoke calmly but I knew the words stung at her.-

How could it not when everything I said was true and reasonable. She may have formed some strange sense of friendship to me over the last week but I had no reason to do the same. I was leaving in short order from the moment I set foot in the town after all. Rose deflated and teared up before rushing back to the Dodrio. The Jenny looked like she wanted to scold me for making Rose cry but one look at my calm and uncaring expression told her it was pointless.-

They left after that but I paid them no mind at all as I continued my journey with my pokemon. We covered quite some distance after that before needing to stop for the night to make camp. I turned in my item tickets that I had six of at this time and got two scope lens , a sewing kit , tm 86 grass knot , a mental herb , and finally a premier ball. To be honest with you I was rather disappointed with this set of draws. The tm was certainly nice but the rest was pretty much not special at all in any way I even got a repeat of an item I already had , twice!