A Paid Man from My Brother Book

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A Paid Man from My Brother


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Alyosha is a mafia boss who lives freely in the world of illegal trade and underworld crime. Alyosha is a strong and tough woman whose life is far from being spoiled and full of sweetness from the love of a lover. It's not without reason. Her painful past had created a fortress wall that was so hard that no man's affection could enter. On the other hand, Alyosha has a younger brother named Elisio, who is the successor of their parents' company. Seeing his older sister who is mature but not in a relationship with any male makes her anxious. And from there he also decided to find a man who could make his sister happy. He will pay whatever it is to the man as long as his sister can get the loving treatment of a man. Of course Elisio is not just picky, he is looking for a good man with a charming handsome face who is ready to melt Alyosha's tough heart. "Alyosha, try to accept that man. It seems he loves you sincerely." Elisio coaxed Alyosha who was standing behind him. "This is strange, he came all of a sudden with his ridiculous statement about love. I won't believe that weirdo," replied Alyosha coldly. . . . . . Then the door to the room opened suddenly, revealing a handsome man who was being held by some of Alyosha's bodyguards. "Give me three months. And during that time I make sure what you get from me is a happy life full of love and affection. There will be no man but me who can give you as much love as I have."


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