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The story is very good, it may seem slow to others but there is a lot of world building, foreshadowing, character development. I like all the details, especially those about the power system and the world background. I woudn't mind to know even more about the world. The characters are also quite likeable in my opinion. I really like the style of writing, it flows naturally and it seems "clean". Also, I didn't notice grammatical errors, just a name switch between Heima and Henrietta in a chapter I think, but that is understandable. What may be a put off to others is that the MC takes a lot of time to take control of the host. I am myself quite eager to see it happening already but the other details, developments and character interactions kept me focused and hooked until now. Also, at first I wanted to give this a 4 for the stability of the updates because I've seen that the update rate is around 4 chapters per week (which in my opinion can be better). But then I thought I can't comment on that too much as I only started reading this yesterday and the chapters are pretty long. Also, I want to encourage the author to write more and continue the story, maybe at a faster pace in the future (faster pace as in chapters released per week/day, not the pace of the story). So, keep up the good work author and don't ever drop this story, please! Good luck!


Hello folks, Author here :) I finally decided to follow our tradition here in WN, hahaha. Updates will be 2 chappies per day, unless I am not feeling well (which is true at the time of posting this review). Chapter length averages around 1900 words (as of chapter 107). Coming to the story, I would like to tell you a few things. 1) The pace of the story is slow as I give attention to many things. But, as we go into the story, the pace picks up a little. 2) World background is detailed, I can say this with a lot of confidence. I have been fleshing out intricate bits since the beginning, taking measures to not make it overwhelming to the readers. After all, I too was a reader(A reader in WN since 2017) for more than 5 years before becoming an author, so I know the information retaining capacity of a reader, which is very less in WN (since each of you probably read 20 other stories). 3) The characters each will have their own life. Sure, there might be many of them that you wouldn't like (Since the setting of the story is like that) but in such cases, try to put yourselves in their shoes and see if their character is justified. Welp, reading experience matters haha. 4) The English language...well, no one has complained about it till now. So, I presume I am doing a fair enough job in that regard. 5) My MC...well, he has lots of issues, so much so that he at times makes decisions that are kind of radical. Well...parasites. 6) The story has a dark vibe. The world revolves around parasites so, it is not exactly a knight and shining example of bravery, justice, camaraderie, etc. The tone is realistic; meaning, the events will occur similar to if the world existed IRL. But, you will also have many heartwarming moments, familial relationships, etc. I won't spoil anymore but, let me end it with a small note. "There will neither be any instant gratification in the story nor a grandpa in a ring or a stone picked up on the street possessing heaven-defying capabilities, sword spirit, great Heaven Void Earth Rending Physique, etc." Oof, on another final note, please don't spam reviews, especially the troll ones. I can take criticism any day (Sure, I will be affected by them. I only said I can take criticism; I never said I am immune to them) but please use a neutral tone if possible. If you are leaving a lower star rating, do specify the parts that led you to make the decision. This will help me improve. But, just because I don't delete reviews doesn't mean you can take advantage of it. Leave me lengthy reviews if possible, I have a thing for them haha. **. I read all comments (Chapter comments included) and also boast a sound memory. So, I'll know... :P


Let me give my little review a little over 50 chapters in. So far it feels like a very slow burn, not super action packed yet but it's got a nice easy going pace. the level of detail is quite vivid at times all in the right places. overall the writing is pretty solid and a good bit of foreshadowing. it doesn't feel like your generic story either in how complex they make the characters feel rather than the usual flat objects. if you want a OP main character that's strong and face slapping out of the get go this isn't for you, but it you want a slower paced book that the author takes their time with, then this could be it.


Psychic Parasite has been a unique and enthralling reading experience for me and is something that I'd recommend for you guys to read :) The initial chapters were a bit shocking as most stories I read take place in either a Western or Eastern Chinese setting but this has a refreshing setting and the Author writes from a setting that they are familiar with. The protagonist is young with a great future ahead of him but he is suddenly brought into a new world with mysterious events and customs. I hadn't read the synopsis prior to reading this book as the cover attracted me and I am in awe of the Author's capacity to build a world that is so different yet similar from ours. I've grown to enjoy the world and the characters in it, rooting for many characters and not just the protagonist. Will you also enter this world of mystery and parasites?


(Currently on Chapter 10) Writing Quality. I love the tone, it is unique and creative. The use of uncommon words to describe objects, backgrounds, and etc, is what makes the writing quality of the book astounding indeed. Update. I'll give it five stars cause why not? Story development. Hmm, it's not fast-paced nor is it slow. I love the pace, it's perfect. Character Design- I have nothing to criticize about the category. It is truly remarkable, especially the way how you describe each character. World Background-I'll give it five stars cause why not? It is unique and well thought just like the character design. Overall I'm giving this book a five out of five. Continue the good work, for I am captivated to see what lies beyond the next chapters of this book. 👍👍👍


Love the way the story flows. Every scene is written beautifully. I can imagine everything that happens in my head. The characters are so real that I suspect the author threw a bunch of irl characters into the book and locked them up in the book world. The prose is also fresh and unique. This book is a real hidden gem


Fuck yes, a new parasite type novel, I hope he can get stronger from taking over other bodies. This novel has potential for first place of the new books


High rating for the unique concept which is well written. The writing quality is pretty good, no obvious mistakes in that. Decent world building, volume 1 sets the stage for the story. It takes the time to explore things but doesn't reveal everything and keeps a sense of mystery. Though this takes focus away from mc for long and combined with the unanswered questions, it might be annoying for some. Now the characters, the mc isn't op but has unique advantages that he still doesn't fully understand. He's personality is being shaped because of his unique circumstances and doesn't seem forced. The other characters seem to have a role to play and it's hard to predict how things will go with the way they are set or developed. That being said there's also room for improvement for example the 1st volume could have been far more captivating. Since the mc is formerly from a similar world as ours, more contrast could have been shown to highlight the difference with not just the architecture but the way of life and attitude of people though this could be depicted later as well. These are just a few things at the top of my head right now.


Overall very good. Quality novel compared to the standards on this site/app.. Engaging plot even if its not really all about the MC. I've read all the available chapters in a day that's how this novel captivated me. Lol i don't usually write reviews neither know how to write one but just to support the author i post this one. Hope you wont drop this novel👍goodluck


So far the books been interesting to say the least... but has anyone else seen the cover and immediately think of the caterpillar from ‘Alice in wonderland’ even the name matches haha 😄


A chapter in and the first few paragraps put a smile on my face, I liked the jab of jokes flawlessly inserted here and there. And as I read further, the gray character of Kaushik made the story more interesting. Will he be a saviour or a villain? This is a story where fantasy and sci-fi enthusiast will definitely love.


A well written story with an interesting new concept. It is a bit slow in the pacing but shows a great attention to small details. It is interesting to note that the characters around the main lead are also being developed equally, be it his own family or the two friends around him. The world background is somewhat akin to modern earth with few tweaks here and there. Im sure we'll explore more of the world later in the story.


Overall, I like the beginning. It has a nice start and a good feel for the first chapter of the novel. I think the action will soon pick up and we'll get to the see the world the character is going to inhabit for a while. Give it a try. Seriously.... Now.... Please?


Reveal spoiler


The cute pic is a lie. Dont believe it. It is gruesome parasites, there isn't any cute fat absolom and it will probably fry your brain with weird names and titles.


I tried to give this novel a try but the awfully slow progression, the myriad info dump and the boring read force me to gave up. I can't force myself to read this any longer, it is just too boring to read. I'm aware that I only read until ch 11 which is why I give this novel benefit of the doubt with 3 stars review as it might get better later on, but I can't wait for that moment.


I feel the book is very nice and interesting, warning to those reading it, the first 50 chs are more about what is happening to the side characters rather than the mc. later on when the book starts though, it becomes much more clear and would invoke the "ahhh so thats what happened" response as you link the dots. overall great book just wished the prolog ended sooner lol.


Did you create many accounts just to rate your novel? Why the heck are there so many fillers? I feel like the MC is a side character and his sister is the main. Good writing bad world background. You did not even explain the parasites, the frenzy beast or what happened to the humans that led to such lost.


This is really good. The writing is phenomenal. The story telling is very unique. The long chapters were quite refreshing. I especially enjoyed the middle


One of the best book I have read on webnovel. A story with so much potential . Excellent character and world build. You actually feel the characters are really people not glibs manufactured to irritate the protagonist. I would actually love in this novel world setting despite have worms stuck down my throat when age 16 lollllll

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