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A nicely written story. Something you wouldn't expect from a new writer. You just don't have a thing to complain for. World doesn't feel like it's revolves around the MC. Other characters feel more alive than just scripted machines who respond to MC stimuli. MC isn't a genius or a stupid guy his actions and thoughts have a logic and flow that you can't find fault in. MC has to deal with the real world, and it actually feels like he's struggling to fit inside and navigate the world. And the last chapter i read actually had decent comedy in it. Overall it is a complete package, and you can expect a good story here.


Hmmmmm i saw a message on scribble hub where this novel was recommended so i will give it a shot when there are more chapters. Well i haven't read it yet but i like the genre so for know 5 stars and we wil see what happend. Keep up the motivation author, writing stories is never easy and there will always be people critising it but make sure YOU enjoy your own novel


I really liked this book. The remake is really good. I was just drawn in this book and still craving for more. Hope you will continue this novel to the end.


This story really reminds of novels like TNE, TCF (This applies more to this novel's previous incarnation, which I also enjoy) and a bit of omniscient reader's viewpoint, which I guess inspired this novel. And it doesn't just reminds me of plot of these amazing stories (all of which I highly recommend) but also how refreshed I felt when reading them, considering all the other works like most cultivation novels becoming boring for me. So yeah, this novel, I recommend you at least give it a chance, even if you can't find it enjoyable as I did, you can just stop reading and not like spread any hate (like spam un-constructive, negative comments, it can seriously ruin the author's motivation and day) Language is decent, not too bad and obvious enough to ruin the story for me. But that maybe because of english being a 2nd language for me so it isn't too bad. But beware you grammar nazis haha. It's update stability is decent not bad so nothing much to say here. Story dev, char design and world background, don't have much to talk about since the plot hasn't really started yet. But the current story as for how it seems to be heading is really simple but interesting, nonetheless. The current characters are likeable, or as likeable as they can possibly be for people we don't know much about yet, MC seems to be not too dumb and has a decent, normal personality. The world building is simple, not too deeply explored yet, but it is fine for the novel's current pace So yeah, I recommend giving this novel a chance as you might enjoy it too. Good work author! And continue with your current pace and continue provide us to quality work! :) 👍👍


Great story so far, very entertaining and I can't wait to see what's going to happen next. I hope that this story stay as great that it is right now for a while


Very nice novel to read with a good background setting before the start of the plot. The characters are also realistic and deep. Every chapter is interesting and make us waiting for the next one. Good work!


Hey there fellow Indian here. I am quite the sucker with light novels having mob protagonist and I must say your novel has been quite entertaining so far. I would like to say there are some grammatical errors in your earlier chapters and I was happy to see your writing has improved with more chapters. I cannot comment on the story development and world building since it's early stages but reading arc 1 I have found it very refreshing and interesting. About the mob protagonist though I would like to see him a bit assertive at least. I don't know why you gave him extra charm because he could have hid perfectly with average statistics and used it for intelligent or something. Him having that charm and acting all clumsy to stay out of trouble is making look him like a coward which is a bit annoying. I hope his intentions aren't misunderstood and cause ridiculous circumstances in the future because I remember this novel called "The Novels extra" which got me into this genre get spoiled due to crazy misunderstandings. Overall your work has been very good so far and I sincerely hope you won't drop this novel. All the best for future chapters!!


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