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"Don't you dare move from this spot," Lucas threatened her by faking a cold stare, while he suppressed his laughter.  "Or else I will shoot you right between your thighs with multiple bullets!"  Nathalie felt her ears heated hearing the man's dirty intimate words.  "Oh, I dare you to try that!" She placed her feet on Lucas' chest, while the man bound her wrists to the bed. ••• Nathalie Lancaster married an unknown man who popped up in her life under the molded circumstances.  Whereas Lucas Petrakis has only one aim_to win his wife's heart and body, without getting exposed. And to achieve his goals the man wouldn't hesitate to shake up the whole Europe if necessary! She has a secret buried somewhere, while he is persistent to keep their marriage intact! [Explicit content R-18 and gore]  ••• https://discord.gg/z5RwncNt Check out my male lead work in spirity/wsa contest. •Demonic Host Against The bloodline  (By brewing fantasies) 


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