13 Explaining Devil Fruit.


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I watched as a saw the tiny figure of Buggy Disappearing into the distance. I turned my attention to Luffy who was currently helping Zoro, who was fighting the Beast tamer guy.

They defeated them pretty easily and Luffy turned to me with a grin, "Do you think Lion tastes good?" He said drooling at the prospect of food. The lion eyes widened in fear but was too beaten up to move.

"I could buther it." Said Zoro unsheathing his sword, however Nami who had a large bag slung over her back Punched both in the head swiftly.

Zoro glared and Luffy pouted, "No you idiots!" She shouted with her sharp teeth demon face showing, "Captain you Invited a witch to the crew!?" I said doing the Shock Spider-Miles face.

Nami Slowly and mechanically turns her head to me, She goes to hit me but my joking manner disappears making her take a step back and make Zoro and Luffy raise an eyebrow.

"Touch me and all burn your hair off." I warned making a small cloud of flaming ash in my hand.

She in fear grabs her her and backs away from me. "You wouldn't dare!" She said protecting her ginger locks away from me.

My serious manners disappears and I fall to the ground in laughter, "Ashahahaha!" Her face! That was so fucking funny!

I soon get up and look at her, "though I'm being serious, I'm not like the captain or Zoro if you touch me I'll retaliate, so keep that in mind." She nods with an annoyed face.

Soon the Mayor came out thank us for defeating Buggy and we left for the Boat.

As we were floating away at sea, Nami looks down at the bags of treasure, only to see that their is only two bags when there was three. "Where is the 3rd bag!" She said in horror.

"I gave it to the town." Luffy said with a pinky in his ear, this makes Nami turn into shark Nami and strangle him in anger.

"That was my Treasure!!" She screamed, however I bonked her on the head making her wince and hold her head.

"That's enough, it was only because the Captain helped you that you got that treasure so be grateful." I said leaning back.

She grumble something about 'old man' and I shoot up, "what you call me Gingy!" I shouted she jumped up and bumped head with me in anger.

-This was the beginning of a sister brother relationship that the crew will never forget-

"I heard me Old man!" She shouted with a her shark teeth, currently Luffy was rolling about laughing.

"Just because my hair is grey doesn't mean I'm old!!" I said in protest, she mearly scoffed, "Yeah calling you and Old man would be insulting to every old person that exists!" She said laughing.

"Why you!" I said sitting down and pouting.

"Hey Old- I mean Lox what is a logia?" Zoro asks as everyone turned their attention a I sighed at his almost slip up but let it go, "I heard buggy say something about how you were one?" He asks curiosity in his tone.

I take a deep breath, "Well, its a classification of devil fruit." I explained this got the attention of everyone in the boat, "let me explain the types.." I said getting into a comfortable position.

"Okay let's start with Paramecia, Its a fruit that gives the users odd abilities like turning there bodies to rubber or being able to cause earthquakes." I said and everyone glanced at Luffy who was listening with a thoughtful look on his face.

"The second is Zoan, it allows the User to transform into a animal." I said and they nodded listening along.

"The third is Logia, It gives the users the ability to transform, create and control a unique element, for example Lighting or my fruit Ash." I said and they nodded in understanding.

"The fourth is mythical Zoans, it gives the users the ability to transform into a mythical creature with unique abilities." I ended my explanation.


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