[BL] Sleepy Peak Disciple
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[BL] Sleepy Peak Disciple


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What is [BL] Sleepy Peak Disciple

Read [BL] Sleepy Peak Disciple novel written by the author LittleBlueLake on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, covering cultivation, transmigration, bl, yaoi, xianxia. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Ng Yan was young, tired and bone-weary. After another day of thankless, mind-numbing work all he wanted to do was read something entertaining on his phone, snuggle into his bed until he became one with it and sleep until the next lifetime. And he does. Technically. When he opens his eyes the next morning he finds he had become a five-year old child named Xia Yan, current youngest son of the Heavenly Cloud sect and well-hated cannonfodder in the second-rate stallion novel Half-Blood Hero who ends up a human skewer by the antagonist's callous and cruel hands. Xia Yan: '...' Xia Yan: _(:3」∠)_ 'I know nothing, just let me sleep until next lifetime again please.' Antagonist: 'I do not mind as long as I sleep alongside you as well.' Xia Yan: '...'


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This novel has a lot of potential. I believe that as long as it stays in this level of interesting things, it will be a very good so I hope the author will keep on the good work!


I love this story. The author is very interesting to read, with a very funny style of writing inner dialogue! 😍 The only problem is that there's only 3 chapters, and it seems unlikely to update soon. 😓


Its have a nice vibe. I hope its not kind. Face slaping cos i wanna read a fluffy story. And if its gonn. Face slaping hope the mc not the one doing it directly... like the gong who do it for mc probbbly


Nice introduction, the setting is classic but well receive. Still waiting for new chapters to really rate it, base on the other book from same author then this one should be interesting.


Firstly, the writing quality is above average, the humour being a nice touch. Secondly, The story developent is amazing, alrhough background and description of the surrounding area as well as shock factor from transmigration can be improved. Since my second point comes close to the subject of world building, I will address the world background. Although the qi and spiritual points were addressed, I feel like explanations on the jobs of shaman can be addressed too. Additional information on different qi levels could be addresed so as to know the setting (ie. cultivation world) better. Elaborating on the positions in the sect which XY’s father is the head of would be great too. Different creatures and the grading of items can also be elaborated on. Since world background also touches o character design, this webnovel is quite good at that. Although, as with any other webnovel, there are some slight problems in understanding the charaxter of XY’s siblings and who is eldest, et cetera. Lastly, UPDATING STABILITY. If you came for chapters, mass releases and similar, you will be disappointed. This book has not updated in 5 months (at this time) and most likely will not update for a long time. I pray that the author will release more chapters soon. AHHHH, who the hell am I kidding. I am doing this on my phone a week after GRADUATING EXAMS. I AM BEGGING RHE AUTHOR, PLEASE UPDATE FOR MY SANITY, THIS BOOK IS *GNIQUF* AMAZING SO... .dlrow siht quF


Such an amazing start! I love the author's other novel too, but I think I may grow to like this one even more!!! I hope this one can be updated soon! But for now I'll patiently wait until this gem is polished and released to the world for us to admire and praise! Thank you for an amazing story, love your eternal fan!


I highly recommend this but I do have to warn the unsuspecting reader. The updating stability is shit, in fact, this story may very well be dropped and we have no idea. So yeah, buckle up.


Highly recommend if you're the kind of ***** who will notice that the author hasn't uploaded in months, read it anyways and then feel heartbroken because there are no new chapters and you're already way too invested in the story.


I love this novel I have read all the current chapters it’s been more than a year since the last update but I won’t give up on such a amazing novel until I hear that it’s dropped I love this novel and can’t wait to read more chapters


Amazing already love it im currently reading the other book this Author wrote and love it so i know The future chapters will be amazing to 😍


As someone who loves to sleep, this novel is definitely for me. I already appreciate the main character and the interactions between his family. This story has great potential, but I really want an update, it’s been too long for me!


Dear author,you never fail to amaze me!!!!!(>ω<) Gaaah I fell in love with ur writing style yet again(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ Oh btw you really have knack for scolding older (in novel) ah Will be waiting for updates~ {Just plz don't lose ur ratings due to unstable updates }


I was really pleasantly surprised of how good this was and then when i reached the end i found out that this is the same author of one of my other favorite books !!! I cant wait to see what direction you take this in!


This story is quite good. i found out about it after reading their other book. i wanted to see if they had more books because i liked their writing style so much! This book did not disappoint! I hope they will continue updating!


I'm gonna cry because there aren't enough chapters. I need more, please sir.🥣 The cultivation premise is so interesting and the fluff is killing me.


This story is great! The main character is too cute! I want more chapters! I want more cute cuddles and more Little Pork. When does his elder brother get exposed?


love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 it muahhhhhh


I just want to ask if the author dropped it? cause I noticed that it has not been updated since a year ago, so yeah I just wanna know, cause I don't wanna read an be left with a cliffhanger that most likely will die from.


The story is starting to get really interesting even though it only has four chapters. And that's the problem 😔 Won't you update anymore? 😢 I really wanna read more of this story.


um maybe spoilers? i dont think this counts,, very cute<3 i love how the main character isnt dead set on revenge and faceslapping. after all living well is also a form of revenge yes? still confused about his name thouh,, how do you even pronounce Ng(?) jsjs and the fact that he likes plushies is adorkable •v• although theres not a lot of chapters i really like it nwn sadly there hasnt been any updates in recent months i do hope that the author will update again in the future!


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