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[BL] Sleepy Peak Disciple


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Ng Yan was young, tired and bone-weary. After another day of thankless, mind-numbing work all he wanted to do was read something entertaining on his phone, snuggle into his bed until he became one with it and sleep until the next lifetime. And he does. Technically. When he opens his eyes the next morning he finds he had become a five-year old child named Xia Yan, current youngest son of the Heavenly Cloud sect and well-hated cannonfodder in the second-rate stallion novel Half-Blood Hero who ends up a human skewer by the antagonist's callous and cruel hands. Xia Yan: '...' Xia Yan: _(:3」∠)_ 'I know nothing, just let me sleep until next lifetime again please.' Antagonist: 'I do not mind as long as I sleep alongside you as well.' Xia Yan: '...'


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