[BL] Quick Transmigration: Is it Better to be a Beta?

Jia Hyson finds he has hit the jackpot after he dies. He's got a system! He's a transmigrator! So cool! System: "Please help us fix the plot." Jia Hyson: "Of course!" System: "Firstly there are too many love interests." Jia Hyson: "Okay." System: "The main character is too annoying." Jia Hyson: "Um." System: "Needs more world building." Jia Hyson: "..." Oi, is he fixing the plot or is he rewriting the whole damn thing?! (This is not omegaverse, beta stands for beta reader) (This is bl/yaoi/danmei btw. 1v1, 2v1, 3+v1) Lovely Cover by my fanart empress @noc

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"As usual," Prince Damien's smile widens with nostalgia, "You're always so polite and rule-abiding."

"Not really," Jia Hyson replies mildly, blue eyes lowering a little, expression hard to see, "After all, if I really respected the rules, I wouldn't be talking to you, knowing what your intentions are."

The younger vampire's smile fades, "Let's go somewhere else." 

Deserving of a big prestigious academy in a vampire romance novel, there were, of course, many beautiful private areas with some form of dramatic lighting that varied from romantic hidden nature spots to secret hidden murder dungeons. 

Even Jia Hyson, who has taken advantage of this knowledge and fucked in at least over half of these secret spots, had to admit it was more than a little ridiculous. He knows education isn't emphasised greatly here, but goddamn, you could hide a small army of people around this place. It was a serious safety hazard. 

Of course, given the nature of this modern fantasy world, some of those areas could only be accessed when met with certain conditions or codes, and there were some incredibly well-hidden places, too. Jia Hyson naturally couldn't find them all, even with his cheat of Bebe's abilities and a few he had only learned through his sex partners during that time he was playing around. 

One of the graduating students, in his eagerness to lose his virginity with him after graduation, had revealed a hidden room underneath one of the staircases that not only was surprisingly clean and well maintained but also held a small pond of clear water full of small goldfish. In the middle of this pond was a glowing pale purple lotus flower. It was as delicate as it was mesmerising to look at, and the light it emitted was enough to dimly illuminate the room.

The student admitted his great-grandfather was one of the people who helped create this space, with a few other vampires, in order to preserve this lotus flower. Jia Hyson could only sigh for the original architect of this building. This place truly had more holes than maggot-infested cheese. 

Of course, he couldn't completely complain; the delicate lighting of the flower provided a truly delightful ambience as he got fucked hard against the wall, his groans and the other young man's panting mixing together in an erotic echo that fuelled them further. 

Compared to some of the other hidden alcoves around, this one was really nice ah. Jia Hyson, since then, had occasionally used this particular hideaway just to put on some nice music, read or take a nap when he wanted to change the scenery a little. 

Thinking about it now, he was a bit nostalgic for it. Silently Jia Hyson planned to go see if the place was uncovered by anyone or not, if it was still untouched he had to show Mr Garth when he finally came back. 

Though if that was the case he probably needed to get some larger pillows or thick rug. While Jia Hyson was a hedonist he was also more then a bit lazy. Thus between being a bit cushier and the effort it would take to be cushier, he ultimately decided he didn't mind sitting on the floor given he didn't spend too much time in there anyway. In contrast the older vampire was more diligent and would rather exert more effort to make it more comfortable for the long run. 

Not only a rug but it's also not bad to put in a small shelf, nothing big, just enough to put small items like cigarettes and snacks… ah wait, even if the air in there was strangely refreshing it didn't stop the fact that the ventilation is still a bit poor, smoking is probably not good. Then it was better to put some candy instead to better satisfy his boyfriend, of course there were other things Mr Garth could put in his mouth instead too…

As Jia Hyson was messily thinking about what to add to the hiding spot, he was led to the back of the leftmost dormitory building. There Prince Damien walked ahead and randomly knocked on parts of the back wall a few times. Right before their eyes the grassy area in front of them shifted into a descending earthen staircase. 

Prince Damien beckons the older, petite vampire to follow him, "Watch your step." He kindly reminds. 

Such a reminder was greatly appreciated. The stairs is crudely constructed, made of dirt, roots and rocks, resulting in a breathtakingly uneven and rough flooring. Even with their heightened physical abilities it wouldn't be surprising to trip if they weren't careful. 

Looking at the staircase that emerged from the ground and nothing else, Jia Hyson raises his brows but follows the other down obediently. Partly because it was in character to follow the prince respectfully but mainly because he was long used to the more magical means of this world.

As he suspected, the moment he reached the final wobbly step, the surroundings had changed into the scenery of a fairytale-esque lakeside under the stars. Jia Hyson couldn't help but look around with admiration and awe at this large and ethereal hidden place. Just the night sky alone was an impressive display of power, given it was still late afternoon in reality. As expected of a prince, no, Prince Silas had never shown him such a place existed before, maybe it should be said, as expected of the male lead. Even his secret spots were far more grandiose and romantic than others. 

"Alaric.." Prince Damien's voice breaks him out of his absentminded thoughts and moves his previously distracted gaze back to the younger vampire. "Prince Silas is not-"

"Look, Your Highness, I don't want him to be the king either." Jia Hyson interrupts him as he brushes his hair back with a sigh, "To be honest at this point I'm the least enthusiastic for such a future… but you need to give me a reason to support you specifically." His blue eyes stare intently at the other, no trace of his usual gentleness present, just cool, calculating seriousness. Prince Damien was a little surprised, having never seen such a side from the other before. "Please don't be offended but, you had never been truly considered for the throne, nor have you, yourself proven to be worth considering. I came down with you because I want to see if you're worth it."

It was a lie if Damien didn't feel offended and hurt at the words. After all they weren't close but they've known each other for a long time. However Damien also wasn't blind to Alaric's strictness and almost nagging loyalty to the royal family. After all, he had seen him scold and encourage Prince Silas multiple times to step up and improve himself with a bluntness no one else would really dare to be. 

If someone like Silas could be considered 'not yet good enough' for Alaric, it's no surprise he wouldn't stand up well either. With that thought in mind, the sharpness of the words was no longer so painful. 

Still, Damien's smile was a little bitter, regretful for his naive past. He had constantly talked about the romance of humans, wanting to live a 'normal life' and looking down at his own kind on some level. Disdaining the hypocrisy of the vampires and their elitism, hating the pressures, and resenting the expectations that come from his royal birthright. 

But he had long since been humbled now. Losing his powers, with his strength, was only somewhat stronger than a normal human man's, feeling pain in his bones from poor posture, chill from the cold and pain from the simplest things.. Damien had been afraid he could adapt at all. Things that he were used to, like his hearing and sight, seemed to be blurred and foggy, if a ball was thrown at his back he wouldn't be able to sense its oncoming presence at all. 

It wasn't just his physical abilities lost, his status that he used to want to discard, when gone, gave him a whole different sense of anxiety. Money, which had never been a problem, became something he had to face seriously. People would disrespect him with their eyes and words, something no one had dared to do to his person before. 

Prince Damien had experienced trickery and blatant mockery, his pride crushed, and he faced a reality that truly crushed his idealistic dreams. If it wasn't for…

His hand moves up to touch a string around his neck, eyes softening a little with warmth. "Alaric, let me show you something." He says. 

With a flick of his wrist, a faint sizzle and a split second of a spark jumps from the vampire prince's skin like oil splatter before fizzling out. Even with his vampiric eyesight, Jia Hyson would have almost thought it was a trick of the light if his eyes hadn't been drawn to the movement. Understanding the implications, Jia Hyson was truly shocked. "Your power is…?"

"Useless." The prince sighs forlornly but his eyes were slightly curved, it was clear that, as minuscule as it was, the fact his ability hadn't left him brought great comfort. "Useless but not gone."

He looks to Alaric, expression solemn and determined, "Just like me."

Jia Hyson: '…' For a vampire who would write poetry in the rain, he wasn't very good at his metaphoric deliveries.

But this was still not a bad turn of events.

As the male lead, of course, Prince Damien's power was something that one couldn't simply scoff at. It was named Lightning bearer, and as the name suggests, similar to Alaric's Icy Kiss, the other held the ability to wield lightning. To be precise though he can infuse lightning from his body into other mediums, for example to provide an energy source, to infuse electricity in metals, and can also absorb electricity to become temporarily more powerful. 

The Lightning Bearer's limitations though were a bit specific. Unlike Icy Kiss, which has the precondition of needed Alaric to not only kiss and create kinetic energy to stimulate the strength of the summoned ice, Lightning Bearer can only be really utilised via a direct medium. Meaning when Prince Damien throws out lightning in the air, it was essentially nothing but a slightly impressive light show, at most making people feel tingly and static. To showcase the true violence of lightning it needed to have some sort of vessel to contain it, a gun, a sword, water… any of those can be used, but they had to always have Prince Damien touching it to supply the energy.

Later in the series, as the male lead experiences more tumultuous adventures and hardships, growing with the female lead, naturally he will also gain some insight and understanding to his abilities and lose this limitation. Prince Damien would be capable of summoning lightning storms and throwing electric dragons around, being a domineering and powerful vampire in his own right, the speed of lightning allowing him to even hold a bit of advantage over Prince Silas whose reaction time was comparably much slower. 

However, at this point, it can be said the Lightning Bearer power's ability was on par with Alaric's Icy Kiss, maybe even a little weaker. After all, as long as Alaric had the preparation to summon his ice, the power of his ice is flexible and fierce, it can be used strategically as the activation of the ice can be done at any time and while it could melt, there was still a buffer period. While holding strong and rapid bursts of power and having some significant supporting ability, the Lightning Bearer ability was still considered useless as long as Prince Damien is separated from the medium at hand. It was a fatal weakness constantly taken advantage of in the early stages of the story. 

Still, as long as it wasn't completely blocked, there is hope of a turnaround. The male lead halo can't be overlooked in the end. 

Meanwhile, Damien must have also felt his line was a bit embarrassing and coughs awkwardly, "What I mean is… Look, I know I wasn't… great, at.. all of it." He gestures at himself vaguely, "But in the past year I've realised a lot. Humanity is beautiful but it's just as flawed as ourselves, and vampirism isn't this, like, scary thing, nor is it particularly noble either." 

The young vampire prince takes a deep breath to try sort out his words better, "I'm trying to say, I've learned a lot about being human, and ironically in turn accepted a lot of the vampirism I originally rejected in the process. It's part of me and who I am, but I'm not defined by it either. However, what I can't accept is the powerlessness of standing by and watching my family and friends get hurt when I clearly could have stopped it." 

Damien's eyes flash red with resolve, "Alaric, I want to be worthy of the crown."

Jia Hyson: '…' It's a little cringy but he's handsome so it's okay.

Thinking about how his role should be played, Jia Hyson slowly crosses his arms and gives the other a silent, assessing look. Only when the other starts to sweat a little does he relax the tension in his body with a helpless sigh. "And what do you think I can even do to help?" Glancing away slightly, he murmurs, "I'm not exactly a safe person to have on your side right now." 

Eyes lowered, expression complicated, bitter and helpless, coupled with the natural delicateness of Alaric's features, Jia Hyson looked very pitiable, embodying a character with a difficult secret. Prince Damien recalled his older brother's cruel and ruthless appearance, and Alaric's complicated situation and felt his heart twist in empathy and pity.

After all, they were both a victim of Prince Silas. For Damien, it was being targeted by his elder brother's revealed cold ruthlessness; for Alaric, it was the opposite, targeted by the other's scorching obsession. Neither were in a good spot as a consequence. 

At the very least they both had some backing and support given their identities and an element of public sympathy. But still, looking at this fragile appearance, the prince is sure the other's thoughts were undeniably depressive and saddened by what's happened.

Jia Hyson: 'Aiyah, I must look so beautiful right now. Bebe, Bebe, take a photo! A fragile beauty in distress, crying without tears, long eyelashes fluttering in suppressed pain, like a lonely flower fighting the rain, ah, ah, I must see it! It would be better to get multiple angles!'

Bebe: '…' 

Practically everyone in the coven knew that Alaric Rong and Darrian Garth were together. Taking a year-long romantic vacation together wasn't exactly subtle after all. 

In response to this large piece of news, Prince Silas had also done his best to express his displeasure and very strong feelings on the matter. If everyone was shocked and a little scandalised by the unexpected coupling, Prince Silas' brazen display of feelings and intentions were simply stupefying and disgraceful. 

It's true that they as a society were very open with sex. But everyone had a strong amount of pride, and what Prince Silas was doing was akin to rushing up to be a homewrecking little three*.

*little three, aka mistress, the third party in a relationship 

Prince Silas was their strongest vampire of the new generation, not only that he was handsome and intelligent and carried great charisma. Despite his lazy nature he was kind at heart, with good morals, and was considered the best representation of the Golden Rose Coven. When vampires brag about the best vampires in their covens it's inevitable for Prince Silas' name to be used, he was simply giving them face just by existing. 

However in the year after Alaric Rong and Darrian Garth went off to enjoy their honeymoon like holiday, the prince had not only took advantage of his royal powers to punish those who spoke well of the couple, but even put pressure on the Garth family and the Rong family. While he didn't outright say anything, it was clear to any person with a hint of shrewdness that Prince Silas strongly disapproved the relationship and wanted to break it up. 

While the coupling felt a bit bizarre and out of place, there was no serious grounds to really object other then the age gap and the whole initial 'student-teacher' relationship. However compared to the human perspective, vampires who value maturity over age, and live a life under the fairly unique situation of looking eighteen while being two-hundred and twenty-three, did not find these sort of taboos so problematic. After all, if they really valued age gaps then most of their allowed romantic partners with humans could really only be those at the general age where their grandchildren were already graduating high school. 

Thus, such a rather extreme commotion was hard to justify in the eyes of many. 

Alaric Rong was a loyal vampire to their royal family, who came from a family who had been loyal for generations even. Darrian Garth was also not someone to look down on either, a (questionable) teacher, a fighter and a strong comrade to many, he was relatively well known in the community. The Garth family also, while not as famous as the Rongs, were known to be devoted, honest vampires who generally took to guarding and helping with the security of the coven. Despite being more lowkey and objectively less influential, their significance was not small either. 

Did many think Alaric Rong could probably do a bit better? Of course. But no one was even remotely talking about marriage or anything yet. Why get so upset? While it wasn't the most well-looked upon thing to do, who said you couldn't just go seduce Alaric back if you're so interested?

Damien may be a romantic, but he still felt this sort of love was too extreme and ugly. Even now, where he was also in a state of serious infatuation and had strong feelings of affection toward someone, Damien still didn't think he could fully empathise with his older brother who he once admired greatly. 

It wasn't just him either of course, the general populace eating melons can't help but sigh at Prince Silas' inexplicable choices. In their hearts, their impression of the other has understandably dropped quite a bit, from cool and aloof to impulsive and a little unexpectedly simpleminded. 

In the end, both were good citizens, from good families, that were in love. Such good vampires, loyal and strong, and all they wanted was to have a relationship, which was re-payed with this sort of almost beastly attitude by Prince Silas. How can it not chill the hearts of many citizens? 

"It's not like I'm a particularly safe choice either," Prince Damien quirks his lips up with faint self-deprecation and empathy, "However, this is no longer a time for safety." The younger vampire lowers his eyes in thought before looking back at Jia Hyson calmly, "I need to get stronger. Whether it's in power, or societal strength, I think you are the most suitable to teach me Alaric. You're smart, have a strong comprehension of using your powers to the best of your abilities, and you know many of the rules, etiquette and expectations for a royal vampire."

Despite finding prolonged social interaction tiring, Jia Hyson was already a master at socialising in his original life. Now that he's undergone multiple lives, with one of them even being a prince who relied on networking to help his country, he could be considered a great god regarding conversational ability. Now that he had become Alaric Rong, naturally over time as he integrated into vampire society, grew a wider and wider network. 

He was very well-liked in the eyes of many, from the conservative old types to the radical and more progressive types. Able to have his own opinions while not offending those with different ones, being witty, able to lighten the mood and speak deeply on various topics while also showing a talent for listening actively. Vampires were social but at the same time not very social, enjoying banquets and such but holding a sense of arrogance and eccentricity that made it hard to seriously connect with others in the sort run. Alaric who can make them feel kinship and a sense of comfortableness in a conversation was considered refreshing and delightful. 

Contrasting to this, Prince Damien…. while it was a bit harsh to say he was an object of ridicule, he definitely wasn't someone necessarily seen in a positive light. It was more than worth it if he could learn even a percentage of Alaric's social skills, take advantage of his networking and reputation, and even potentially learn a few tricks from him in fighting.

Of course, if Prince Damien thought this out, naturally Jia Hyson can too. In fact, since the coming back, he had already been thinking of the feasibility of this possibility. Currently, passiveness will do nothing but make him eat losses, and Darrian will not naturally stand by the sidelines either. It's better to enter the same side as the protagonists and hide under their halo. 

Still, it was a bit uncomfortable. This entire time in this world he had wanted to go with the flow and coast on a passive route that allowed himself to enjoy the benefits with minimal effort. However now he was pushed to make a decision, one he can't take back once decided. He wasn't unwilling it just didn't feel good. 

After showing some hesitation, Jia Hyson finally tilts his head scrutinisingly at the other. "What about Darrian?"

The vampire prince blinks, "Mr Garth? Naturally, I also want to recruit him. I also have secret safe houses that can be used if protection and secrecy are another worry."

"You actually have the foresight to have safe houses?" Jia Hyson asks with some surprise and admiration. 

Prince Damien coughs in embarrassment but under the approving gaze of the blue-eyed vampire he doesn't deny it. After all, he was trying to woo the other onto his side. There's no way he could admit those 'secret safe houses' were just properties he bought on a whim because it gave him poetic inspiration and fit the aesthetics of scenes from his imagination. 

For example, he bought a large two-story mansion on the outskirt of Grey City because he liked the idea of sitting by the large windows staring out at the cityscape horizon during a rainy night while swirling a glass of blood whilst sighing at the world. There was another house in Green City which he bought purely because it had an indoor pool with a glass ceiling, imagining swimming under the stars as he thought about the vastness of space… And another… in short, many of his purchases were in order to fit his aesthetic way of life. As for why these properties were something his family weren't aware of… Well it was simply because of his constant desire to run away from home to experience human life. 

…..It was a little hard to admit such a truth now that he gained a bit of self-awareness of his chuuni ways these days. 

"Yes.. well… even if I'm idle its always good to have some preparations." Prince Damien bullshits with feigned confidence. 

Unaware of the other's thoughts, Jia Hyson felt his confidence in the male lead improve by another two points. "Not bad." He praises. "At the very least I don't have to teach you something as simple as that then."

Prince Damien's black eyes light up, "You mean-?"

With a regal and formal bow of respect, Jia Hyson smiles, "I'm happy to serve you, my prince."

Of course it's not as simple as that, for such a decision it was important to discuss the details and precautions. But time was tight and their newfound relationship as comrades needed to be discovered as late as possible. 

When Prince Silas found out, it didn't take a genius to understand that trouble would immediately follow. 

Before leaving this secret area, Jia Hyson turned around and gazed deeply at Prince Damien. "Your Highness, I need to request something. This is very important to me."

Prince Damien, who had relaxed since Alaric had agreed to helping him, immediately tensed. "What is it?"

"Darrian Garth… I want you to make sure he's safe."

The prince didn't fully understand, "Of course I will do my best? But-"

"No," Jia Hyson shook his head, "My apologies I should have been clearer. I want you to ensure he's safe- no matter what." His bright blue eyes flash red, "Even if it means prioritising his life over my own, I want you to do it."

Prince Damien was stunned. 

Seeing the younger vampire's expression, Jia Hyson's serious expression eased into his usual gentle smile as he softly laughs. "Of course, that's just the worst case scenario ah. Take it as me being pessimistic and wanting to just let you know, should such a situation arise."

"Alaric, I.." Prince Damien swallows heavily, "Do you, really love him that much?" He also felt that he was in love, but whether it was to the extent of giving up his life like that? Um… it was still a bit hard to say. They were all young vampires, the idea of mortality was difficult to grasp while also being extremely frightening. He also wished to protect his beloved as much as he could, but if someone told him to die in exchange, it would be a lie to say he wouldn't balk a bit at that. 

Jia Hyson's smile softens into something genuine and soft, "Who knows?" He hums, "I just know he's worth it."

Prince Damien was silent for a moment. Objectively, he had to disagree. Alaric, who had youth and talent in his hands, held great potential, both in himself and for the coven. He liked Mr Garth and acknowledged his abilities and strength but if one used the cold word of 'worth' to evaluate them, the other simply couldn't match up in comparison. 

But, the worth in a beloved's eyes had nothing to do with objectivity in the end. 

The young vampire prince exhales, his young and handsome face looking a bit tired. "Then, I shall do my best to do as you wish, should it ever come to that."

He just sincerely hoped it wouldn't. 

No matter how much things have changed, Prince Damien was still a romantic at heart.

Seeing their strong bond of affection, he still can't help but wish them a happily ever after.

As they left, the two vampires began to slowly stroll back. However they barely walked a few steps before a cold voice suddenly speaks out.

"And what, have you two been doing so secretly?" 

Under the rustling of leaves in the faint breeze, both Jia Hyson and Damien felt chills run through their body as they immediately look toward the owner of the voice.

There, sitting languidly on a tree, not a few metres away, a young man more beautiful than a sculpture with long silver-white hair tied up in a high ponytail. His eyes, just as black as Prince Damien's but somehow felt even darker, stare gloomily at them. He no longer had a lazy and indulgent air like Jia Hyson had been used to seeing, but was full of a sharp and suffocating aura. 

He had to admit, the other truly had the air of a king now. 

"…Brother." Prince Damien greets softly.

However the other vampire blatantly ignored him, dropping down and lightly landing on top of the leaves of the bushes below, as if almost floating. 

"Aren't you going to greet me too?" Prince Silas softly asks, coaxing and mocking at the same time. "After all, it's been so long."

He jumps onto the ground and begins to walk toward them. Every move and breath he made felt beautiful and captivating, like an immortal who had descended. But the obsessive eyes that were transfixed to Alaric were filled with nothing but dirty mortal desires. 

The crown prince reaches his hand out to try touch Alaric's face, almost impulsively in his greed. But Jia Hyson instinctively moves away, making the extended hand pause. However it was only a moment of stagnation before Prince Silas' hand strikes out and pinches his chin, fingers digging into his cheeks as he pulls him forcefully closer. 

Prince Silas' eyes flash red under Jia Hyson's increasing struggles under his hand, anger and unwillingness thrumming in his veins. "You still reject me this much? Am I not now the crown prince you feel I should be?"

Jia Hyson ground his teeth and chuckles with helpless rage. "Your Highness, I really can't understand you. It's not a matter of whether you can perform your duties well or not anymore, it's simply a matter of my heart."

The crown prince tilts his head, expression contorted for a moment before suddenly breaking into a smile. "That's okay, then."

Jia Hyson: …If I believe you, then I'm a fucking puppy.

Glancing at his free hand Prince Silas seems to summon a small swirl of powder from his palm. "If it's the matter of the heart, all we have to do.. is change it, right?"

Seeing it, Jia Hyson's pupils shake as he remembers the last time he had encountered that strange powder from a while back. "You… you're really going to do that again?! Are you so low?"

"I don't want to do this either," Prince Silas sighs, "But what can I do? Any other way is too troublesome."

"You could just give up." Jia Hyson suggests, knowing he can't beat the other in strength, he can only soften his tone. "Silas, please, I'm happy with Darrian. You have so much more out there for you. Do you know what you can lose if you continue this path?"

"I don't know." Prince Silas smiles bitterly, "I just know you're worth it."

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