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Oden wished for a chance to take revenge revenge against humans for all his sufferings.. To evolve and show them... The wickedness of a monster or the evilness of a human. Chaos is the one, stronger than gods, conquer of the hell, and the destroyer of heavens. Master of the gods, the Eternity King, to shatter the world into pieces. To make laws and to break laws. The supreme one, to fully feel the desires. I give you a chance to be the chaos in the world, I make you my son, do anything you desire. discord link: https://discord.gg/EkfgDtF

Dr_Hero · Fantasy
76 Chs

Love Lives in His Eyes [BL]

First love isn't always good and beautiful. A young, excellent actor, Dominik, was forced to find out about it painfully. He will be unexpectedly supported by a man who should seemingly be his enemy. It is a warm story about the development of a beautiful feeling. The road to happiness, however, is paved with the stones of jealousy, obsession and violence. Possessive and toxic love is reluctant to give up its prey. Below is a small excerpt from my book: [...] “You know” she almost whispered, “if Dominik had loved you anyway, I would have cheered him on.” “Don't make me gay!” “Do not behave like a child! There is nothing more beautiful than love. You don't know because you've never been in love.” “You have an idiotic sense of humor.” “But just look at him. Dominik is a very pretty and sexy man and I bet he has an equally alluring body. He is a very good and kind man who would not hurt a fly. He is warm and talented, and he quickly made contact with Martynka.” Instinctively, Andrzej looked at Śliwiński. The actor was crouching in front of the kangaroo run and pointing at something with his hand. He was smiling radiantly and Martynka standing next to him clapped her hands and jumped up. A weak wind tugged at his long, light brown hair and his eyes glowed aquamarine. The girl turned to them and waved. Dominik did the same. At the sight of this, Nowicki felt his throat tighten.

AmberFullMoon · LGBT+
59 Chs

The Woman and Debt

[Gold Tier Winner of WFP#13: Female Lead - Mafia] The mafia boss' granddaughter, Young Mirae, the only descendant of the Young family. Expected to be the next mafia boss, she excelled in arms combat, weapons, and defenses. However, what she lacked was intelligence and a bit of common sense. After years of studying overseas, she went home to her family's mansion the night before she became the boss of her mafia family. The sight of her family dying lit up the flame residing deep beneath her consciousness. She wants them all dead, leaving no one alive. She is coming to make them pay their debts. "Hatred for all, love for none." ... "Who the fuck called this crazy woman?" "Excuse me, handsome? Who's a crazy woman? I'm in the moment of cleaning these bodies when you suddenly fucking tryna blow my head!" ... *Slow burn* Warning! This novel has adult-restricted contents such as the use of vulgar languages, violence, intercourse, and might even show the portrayal of harmful activities. Continue at your own risk. The picture on the cover is not mine. I got it on Pinterest and it says it's from Guweiz. Contact me for a request to take it down: gmy#8109

gmy · Contemporary Romance
29 Chs

Dark Phoenix Prince

Alu is forced by his father to swallow the dragon soul of his best friend, Elizabeth, to awaken his Phoenix soul. Even though he didn't want to, he didn't have the strength to go against his father's will. Tragedy struck, and it resulted in Elizabeth hating him greatly. They become enemies of life and death. Alu, who is hated by Elizabeth, ends up hating his own father for what he did. However, as Alu grew older under his father's tutelage, Alu began to stop regretting what happened in the past when he realized how important strength is. Without strength, a person is destined to be abandoned. ... Under the care of his father, Alu grew up as an ambitious and cold-blooded young man. He can do anything to gain more strength. Cover from pinterest. Notify if it's yours or violates copyright.

Saubi1234 · Eastern Fantasy
71 Chs


To the outside world Cosgrove academy was just a school for rich spoilt kids but what they don't know is that they are more than that, they are supernatural. All the legends about faeries vampires werewolves are true. Chanel enters this new world to discover her new identity love betrayal and rivals. She finds out that the life she had been living was all a lie. Follow Chanel on her journey to find new friends, love and her identity

joyodafe · Fantasy
9 Chs

The Demonic Emperor

Full Title: Betrayed by the Hero Party, a Kind Person is forced to transform into a Demon, after which he schemes his Revenge and eventually becomes the successor to the Demonic Emperor. Another stupid cliched revenge story. Warning: Gore (?), Mature and stuff...you know, because this is a revenge story, so expect high levels of violence. Comrades with the Hero, Herman, and being proposed to by the Priestess Irene, who claims to love him... Even though the members of the Hero party had their flaws and foibles, the ice mage, Klein Pearson, continued to fight alongside them against the legions of the Demonic Emperor, for the sake of humanity. For he is a "kind person" who wishes to protect the innnocent and minimize the casualties suffered by ordinary but stalwart human soldiers. However, in order for the party to survive against a formidable foe, they sacrificed Klein and callously left him for dead, just so they could make their own escape. With his legs chopped off and his route of escape sealed, Klein Pearson is left to face the wrath of the demons alone. But...if he survives, he might just be able to become the next Demonic Emperor and command the scattered Legions against the "strongest Hero party." Now then, let the revenge begin.

Tomoyuki · Fantasy
118 Chs

Two Steps From Hell

The book opens with Joel Essen, a scruffy detective, witnessing an assassination of a renowned physicist. Going against his captain’s orders, he investigates the case. But in doing so, he opens Pandora box and learns of a nefarious plan to unleash hell on Earth. This new profound burden pushes the detective into action to go against a group of very powerful individuals. As intriguing as the plot seems, it’s not the heart of the book’s mystery. It becomes rapidly clear that Joel Essen himself is very peculiar. He has his warts and inner demons from his past. A mystery that is slowly revealed throughout the book. The central theme of the book is that ‘no man is an island and no man stands alone’. Seeing that this book is a team up book, Essen will have to learn to trust and work with others. This is something he will especially struggle to come to terms with. In fact the other four main characters will have to learn to do the same. Every character has their own backstory that is perfectly intertwined into the main plot. Two Steps From Hell is a very suspensive story and with each chapter, the readers are forced to the edge of their seats. Everything and everyone will be against their favourite protagonist and time will be of the utmost importance to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.

Vagabond Comics · Sci-fi
32 Chs

Tales of a Peculiar Pirate

Pirate with one brain cell...on a good day? Check. Extremely specific descriptions and random trivia? This story has it. Wild adventures where no one, and definitely not our heroine, knows what's going on? Read and find out! ... "Good day, good sir," she chirped in as cheerful a voice as she could manage while still being salty over the ship fiasco. "Good day? The sun may be shining and the clouds may be gone, but today is anything but a good day," replied the pirate with a long look. "Who rained on your parade?" went Polly. "I shouldn't bother such a pleasant person as you with my tale," sighed the pirate. He cast a forlorn gaze towards the sea and it really would have been quite an aesthetic moment for a picture taker. "Oh, well then, um, sea you later?" replied Polly who began turning away. "Alas, it was just this morning when I was a younger man and had not a clue what evils would befall me," started the pirate. Coincidentally there was a bench which Polly sat herself down on and a stage which the pirate leaped onto. ... Notes: This story belongs more in the genre of fantasy adventure comedy than teen, but as that was the closest genre I could find on WN, that's what I stuck with. Also, I would like to emphasize that fact that this story is lighthearted and episodic in nature. For now updates will be weekly, but I hope to be able to update at a faster pace in the future. Thank you for reading!

spicyscribbles · Teen
23 Chs

Headed by a Snake

I woke up in this world with a System and a sword. Without hesitation, I chose to complete the princess’ quest with my weapons: Arrogance. Cunning. Pride. I will lead guild Sol Invictus. Denizens of the 7 hells, respect me. Servants of the 11 heavens, know fear. Guild Invictus, know the suffering of training so you can wrest victory from the jaws of those who dare doubt you. This is a story about a snake named Tycondrius waking up in a fantasy world of swords and sorcery. There is action, violence, unapologetic murder, and arrogant displays of power. There is an emphasis on combat growth as well as psychological growth on more than a few members of Guild Invictus. There is camaraderie and also the inevitable comedic dialogue amongst manly men. There are even elements of romance and Tycon running away from terrifying, powerful women. (Did you know most female snakes eat their partners after mating?) Give this book a read. I hope some of these stories can inspire you to fight your battles with analytical intelligence, heroic courage, and ruthless lethality. Schedule: 12+ chapters per week. Mon-Fri 2/day @ 11:00 PST Sat-Sun (and Holidays) 1/day @ 11:00 PST Chapter Length: 1000+ words per chapter Here is my discord: https://discord.gg/NNbAj7N Constructive criticism and corrections welcome. Other Authors extra-welcome. You can find a list of characters at https://snek.fandom.com/wiki/Character_List Cover image credit: Johnabrash at Fiverr

CouchSurfingDragon · Fantasy
645 Chs

Master Of Death

Lin Hamill was an ordinary boy born in an extraordinary family. Burdened by the pressure and expectations that he failed to accomplish, he moved to an apartment to escape his family. He had no talent. He had no expectations. That was what he had thought until he met The Man Upstairs, who assigned him a mission. He was chosen and sent to an alternate Reality where magic existed among the masses. Similar to his original counterpart, the Lin from the Magical World also had no talent in magic. But this time he won't give up. Watch as Lin climbs the social hierarchy and unlocks the hidden truths of this world to accomplish his mission. [Your Mission: End this world in 1,000 years]

Zerosky · Fantasy
176 Chs

Blood Type: Dragon

(Warning! This is a Dark novel) FAMILY OR HUMANITY? Elric's life completely changed as a fated stormy night ended up making him choose between his humanity or becoming a dragon - all with its dearest cost. Accepting his new fate, He soon realized he has taken a bite of power more than he can chew. A new world has been revealed and an unexpected journey to the world of the Elementals began as Elric tried to fix the mess he has made. Along with meeting unexpected friends and enemies, Elric was forced to redefine his goals as he struggled his way up to the final form of evolution and to unite the mysterious world he once thought he knew. 1 chapter daily!~ Cover Dragon source: https://www.uihere.com/free-cliparts/rage-of-bahamut-granblue-fantasy-final-fantasy-xii-dragon-bloodborne-1866079

iamnaz7 · Fantasy
242 Chs

Bound to Evil

Lazar is a man shaped by his past. Forced into exile when he was only a child, his only ambition in life was to become strong enough to take revenge. Years later, having completed his training in the American special forces, he was preparing to return to his native country to settle accounts. But again life played a trick on him... The Gods announced the Apocalypse and monsters coming from different mythologies and folklores were unleashed on Earth. Having basically the duty to fight in this war against evil, they finally decided to abandon humans leaving them a system that allows them to evolve, to know more about their enemy and the situation of the world. Lazar will not only have to survive, which is already quite difficult, but he will also realize that he has a role to play in this Apocalypse by leading those who will become his new family. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I'm Barbare, the author. I hope you will like this novel and that you will help me improve it if you have something to criticize, I already wrote a novel in the past but I am far from being an expert after all. If you like it let me know by adding it to your library or vote for it. I hope you have as much fun reading as I wrote, or more because the writing process is not always fun. Good reading PS: The cover is not from me so if it's your work contact me.

Barbare · Magical Realism
75 Chs

God of Vampires

Follows Min Joo being reincarnated as a vampire god, literally a god! leading armies of vampires to conquer worlds.

Sitouo · Fantasy
54 Chs

Primordial Darkness Heretic Art

The seal on earth preventing mana to exist on it was destroyed by a gigantic finger. It caused mana to flood the world and those who failed to adapt turned into mindless killing monsters known as 'fallens' The humans were overwhelmed by threats everywhere but soon discovered the mystical effect of the doors that appeared at the start of the apocalypse. The doors have the ability to repel fallens from coming in a certain range A year passed and heroes rose from the masses. The humans slowly learned how to wield mana thanks to the protection given by the doors However, after a year, what they thought of protection turned into their nightmare. The locked doors opened and stream of monsters flooded out from it As the humans built their bases centered to these doors, the sudden turn of event caught them off guard and killed a lot of them Caizher, a twenty-year-old man discovered a door different than others. The other doors are white in color but this one is black. There are also some fallens that approached it Instead of fearing the dangerous door, Caizher settled down near the door. As for the reason? To satiate his bloodlust and fight the fallens that approached the door But to his luck, when the door opened, it swallowed him. Caizher entered a world of darkness. An eye he was familiar with appeared and disintegrated his body However, instead of killing him, the eye took away his humanity and turned him into a lump of darkness What he thought of as his death turned into a blessing. He might not be a human anymore but he doesn't care. His darkness body is superior to all! Watch him become the strongest using the 'Primordial Darkness Heretic Art' that the eye left him ---- The world setting is similar to modern day earth but also a bit different The time of the first year will be a bit fast and will only slow down after the doors opened ---- Buy me Ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/kencerussel Thank you!!

KenceRussel · Fantasy
141 Chs

The Long-Awaited Love is Not a Dream

"I'm a witch, you should fear me," she said, and he took her into his arms without further thought. "Try me," he said. "I was born during a period of mourning and said to have the horoscope of the Doom Star. I am everyone's bane, but your liberator." She stared into his eyes and wondered how true were the words of this strange traveller. He had entered her sacred lands, chanced upon her secret and even challenged her with his words! -------------------------------- A fantasy novel on a cursed couple. A witch born in the night of the Blood Moon harnesses great power. An ordinary man born with the horoscope of the Doom Star, not allowed to have contact with women. One unexpected trip through the dangerous seas of Puying sends him through the dimensions and enters the magical island of Muxue, founded by her forefathers. Will they be able to defy the odds and nullify the harshness of their cursed lives? ------------------------------ Updating schedule: Up to 4x/week

ssfx3yuchens · Fantasy Romance
34 Chs

Death Goddess Reborn

"Is death really the end of my journey. How was I fated to die by this darn Covid19" cried Ambai. "Death is never the end, its only the beginning" a voice said. "I'll give you a choice because your soul is special. Stay here as a soul, protecting your family or move on for your next birth. Which option do you choose?" Said the same annoying baby voice. "Okay I've decided, I'll be choosing both options" Ambai said squinting her eyes. "Remember you chose this, it's your decision, so take responsibility for it" said the voice as it faded. And this is how Ambai's life ended and began. Join the journey of a cute Indian girl in a fantasy world New updates will be released at GMT 00 Am Love Lullabybao

Lullabybao · LGBT+
64 Chs

Abomination Contract Loving the Enemy BL/Yaoi

Two opposite nations, one magical and mystic, other industrial, full of machinery, fought for generations against each other, the never-ending war reaching its pinnacle of destruction and death. And yet, instead of going for peace, some choose to mess with things that should have been kept dormant for eternity… …What? What side am I? Well, I’m on the winning side of course… The abomination’s side. ~~~~~ ML: Sit. MC: F* you! ML: Hand. MC: F* you! Scram! ML: Belong only to me. MC:… MC:… Tsk, I guess I don’t have a choice have I? ~~~~Warning~~~~ Mature content, including gore, explicit smut, swearing, relationship between men. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This book contains some misspellings that are being edited along the way. ~~@ノ"

VCris · LGBT+
57 Chs

Godly Abomination Returns

Alusec, the abominable god king, betrayed by his lover, student and several other gods; finally escapes imprisonment after being kept away for several thousand years. On trying to return to the planets he lorded over he discovers that they have long been destroyed by the gods who betrayed him. He sets out to seek revenge as he slowly recovers his powers. With time he would find out that things aren't as simple as he initially assumed. Follow Alusec on a bloody road of revenge and new self discovery as he decimates his enemies and leaves a trail of destruction in his wake. Please comment, vote and add to your library if you like it. At least read to chapter 50 before deciding whether to continue or drop --- Release rate: Monday - Thursday (1 chapter each day) Friday -Sunday (2 chapters each day) Total - 10 chapters per week The only time this quota will not be fulfilled is when there's no electricity --- The cover doesn't belong to me... if you're the artist contact me.

TimVic · Fantasy
122 Chs


Henry used to be one of the poor local men in his small town .During his teen years he worked hard to brighten his life and his future ..Then after years of struggle and fighting he became an adult and achieved something, and he had everything but durimg that time he also lacked something too . Is it his fault that destiny wanted to play hard on him? Join his journey to know the prons and the cons which he faced and endured to know if anything happned during that time when he was searching for love , positivity and successfulness was all worth it .

nassyspace · Contemporary Romance
19 Chs

The President's daughter

Jameson's company is on the brink of collapse and he was finding a solution to it but he found something else: a curtain to a world that is full of secrets. Where he was in this world he had a little role, just a pawn of the king but with a secret, he discovered something that he will alter his destiny to protect and survive this disaster, it was just a disaster of his company but turned into a war, the key to his survival is the little secret he finds out and that was his daughter, and this is the story of President's Daughter.

Akihibara_ · Contemporary Romance
13 Chs