Opposites Attract, they said Book

novel - LGBT+

Opposites Attract, they said


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What great love story doesn't start with two people that absolutely hate each other? Meet Elijah Quinn. Quiet, composed, and mostly just keeps to himself - your definition of a typical high school nerd. He comes from a financially well-endowed family, to say the least. Always the top achiever in class, he keeps interactions with others to a bare minimum, if not at all, and is completely oblivious to the fact that many girls lust after him. Now meet Lucas Kim. Your typical high school playboy. He is well aware of the long line of people waiting to get a turn with him and wears that fact with pride. He is usually seen with a group of loud and rowdy boys who walk around like they own the place. He is known to have slept with pretty much all the girls in school. Two very stereotypical-sounding people in a very stereotypical school setting. Or so you would think.