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Let's be Mates: The story of a transmigrated Beta(?)

Set in the Omegaverse is the story of a Beta girl who is trying to find a place of belonging, something that she couldn't get in her previous life. Yuki Winterdale: I was the villainess in the world I lived in... I died to protect... and to be free... I got a second chance to live, but it was another world... and it seems I became a Beta(?) Selene 'Aki' Winterdale: I am an Omega... The Cute brother of my Onee-chan~ Our ML: My world faced an Apocalypse. I chose to protect. I got a second chance to live again, it was 'the world inside a book', my sister was the author... Her regret and my mate... I'll protect her this time!! .................. Let's follow the dependable sister, clingy brother and the stalker(?) man to find out what actually happened in the story....hm? PS. This has action and war along with soft twists of romance, love, family relations and so on... Hope you like it!! WARNING: This is a BG&BL story, that is, the secondary couple are 'two men in love'.... This is set in OMEGAVERSE and hence, there will be mpreg, it means men will get pregnant!! Again, I repeat.... this story contains BL elements as its secondary story... if you are not comfortable with it please don't advance further... To the rest of my kins who came here to enjoy this story....ENJOY YOUR STAY!! Discord: https://discord.gg/5J3xdvr PS. The front cover is not mine... got it from pinterest~

AtsukiJoou ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings