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alpha levi

The men reached me and my heart was beating so quickly I felt as if it would pop out of my chest. "This is her." The alpha's husky voice called out. "My luna." When Naomi turns 18 she finds out that she has to attend the mating ceremony where she meets her mate, Alpha Levi. With becoming the alphas mate, she has to become luna of one of the biggest packs in the continent. the first of a long series

happynotvxbss · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Second Chance Mates

"You are mine" Adrian said kissing the crock of my neck as it sends shivers to my body. I tried pushing him off me but instead his grip on me got stronger and tighter. -------------------------------------------------- Scarlett Dawn was 17 when she shifted which wasn't normal for a wolf, it took her wolf too late after she shifted she found out that the alpha of her pack is her mate but instead of helping her he rejected her telling her that she can't be a Luna of the pack because she was weak. Life took a toll as she as to run away from her pack to save her younger brother's back there she met the most strongest, ruthless and notorious alpha in all the packs all over the world. ******** Adrian Dimitri was 15 when he became an alpha because his father got paralyzed. Life went badfor him when he lost his first mate to the hands of his twin brother, he became very bad and ruthless Andy that didn't help his personality at all because his news had gone round that he was the most ruthless alpha in history but all that changed when he met Scarlett Scott his second chance mate. -------------------------------------------------- Will he be able to cope with scar and all the trouble she brought him and forget about his first mate or he will reject her. -------------------------------------------------- This book is all about love, mates, werewolfs and revenge.

Deborah_Anita · Teen
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