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Notice Me : Mister Exorcist

Notice Me : Mister Exorcist

Li Qiaopi is stuck in the Jade town , a mirage in the boundary of life and death and also a boundary to the after life that's why many ghost seek to get in it . But in Li Qiaopi's case , she can't even go to the after life for her license of a ghost is missing and her only way to gain one is to take an exam . "Taker number 327 " "yes !" "FAIL " Yes , she's been trying for a lot of times now but after years of failures and practices she finally passed the 1st test .But as her 2nd test appear , her. test appear known as Huang Julong , who is an incredible ice block . How will she pass her 2nd test now if she can't get Huang Julong scared . *In Huang Julong's Room @2 am 'I worked up to hear a knocking on the glass . At first I thought that it was from the window until , I heard it again . It came from the mirror , it knock from the mirror again ' 'I walked near the mirror only to find my reflection in it and from my reflection I see my self slowly turning my head side ways , turning and turning as I see the back of my head . How funny , she morphed to looked like me how cute '

UEEmpress · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings