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Little Pistol - A Hamilton Jeffmads Fanfiction

Jefferson always had a habit of watching this one boy in each class he shared with him. It was only two classes, two hours to see him each day. But it was enough time each day for him to fall into a deeper and deeper pit of hopeless love that never seemed to end. Jefferson didn't even know of they boy had acknowledged him, or stared back whenever Jefferson wasn't looking. One day, the boy decides to confront Jefferson. And he says one simple sentence that makes the world stop, makes his heart pound and the scattered moths in his stomach to become even more frantic. And god- he loves him so much that he can't refuse.

FreshSliceOfLemon · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Promises | Thomgelica

Thomas Jefferson's enemy is Alexander Hamilton Angelica Schuyler's first heartbreak was caused by Alexander Hamilton What would happen if they team up and pretend to date each other so they can mess with him? College/ Modern AU •Started 10/15/17• ~I do not own the art for the cover and of course I don't own Hamilton~

Rhiannon_M · Teen
Not enough ratings