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Benjamin Fenderson, the Man that Was

Benjamin Fenderson, the Man that Was

“This is a true prophecy that came to me from the heavens." I finished this story two years ago. It is very fascinating, and I would like to call it one of the best light novels in the world! This story revolves around Benjamin Fenderson, an average homeless anchovy cook on the streets of the US. Follow him and his adventures into becoming the legendary world-renowned 'man who became the dude on the street’s master french style cuisine anchovy perfectionist.' Ben's story starts small but the former later becomes the greatest anchovy cook in the world! He overcomes many obstacles in his way like Himalayan Hamson, a great cook that many have known, Gabriel Herring, an anchovy professional who knows almost every anchovy recipe in the world, and last but not least, Hubert Waterson, a young Indian boy who was always neglected so he tries to destroy the world! In Benjamin's adventure, he had seen many things. One of them included even the man on the moon! I would like you, the readers, to please give this story a try, as you may end up thinking that this story is a masterpiece, just like I have. If someone would please make me a cover photo, that'd be cool.

razorman · Realistic Fiction
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