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vampire next door

Juliet Jones she had a normal life like any other teenager that was until her mama began seeing a man named Robert, Robert is a kind gentleman that's not the problem the problem is with her mother seeing Robert, Juliet including her mother will have to transfer from Boston to Canada which means Juliet will have to leave her friends, she'll be confined in a car with two irritating beasts recognized as Robert's children Ginger and Jason for seven hours but when they arrived in Canada is when the true problems started to appear. The car getting destroyed by nothing, a boy landing near Juliet's feet and vanishing as if he was never there and later that evening when they eventually get to their new home Juliet has an enormous argument with her mother which lead to her running away and nearly dying if it wasn't for the boy from earlier. However, is he as ordinary as he looks or is he more unusual than he seems? Is Juliet capable to keep her usual life and her unusual life separate? will she solve how to share a home with people who are against her? and is she able to keep history from repeating itself?

Gummybearluv16 · Romance
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The Bad beginning

Breathe_deeply · Teen
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