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Lightning and Ice Reaper

I've always dreamed of being reincarnated in a new world with a system, you know. I've read all of these Light Novels and Web Novels, so I always thought that when it happened that it would be me being hit by good ol' Truck-kun. I never Imagined that it would happen when I was stopped at a stop light. It's to bad I'll never get to play the game that I just got, but from what I can tell, it seems that this system will be pretty much the same as the game, of course with slight differences. I'm curious where this new life will take me though.

XantosZ · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

God's Dynasty

The world is being transported to another world? You have ten years to prepare in a game-like setting? Our main protagonist, a fat and ugly orphan who was shunned by his adopted family decides to become a King in this new world, hoping to make a name for himself proving to his adopted family that he is better than they are. But before he could begin... "My luck stat is maxed out? I am a leader of a small village and all my followers are SSS+ God-tier beings that each have unique stats?" Wanting to make a mark in this world, our protagonist sets out to the Promised Land hoping to create a legend. -- I DO NOT OWN THE ART. IF THE ARTIST SEES THIS AND WANTS IT TAKEN DOWN, PLEASE DM ME ON DISCORD. ryder#1830

rydertheking · Video Games

Master of the Blade

After a thousand years of humanity expansion, a portal 1000 meters high and 500 meter wide opens in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and otherworldly monster spill onto earth as they devour anything in their wake. Spiritual energy is omnipresent on earth as heroes rise up to defeat evil foes for humanity’s safety. 5800 years pass and the world has adapted to these monster that came from another world. Follow young Alexander as he traverses the countless realms in pursuit of being the strongest with the sword across all worlds as he is assisted by a system created solely to nurture the strongest blade master. -Story will be slow in the first five chapters for world building and to showcase the relationships mc has. -Story has a system that only Mc can use. The first story I have ever written so please forgive me if I have any grammar mistakes or if the story sucks Please give suggestive feedback! Thanks!

AWriter · Fantasy
Not enough ratings