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The Saviour from another world

The sudden arrival of this girl has caused various types of chain reactions that can either bring the Land of Dawn into the mercy of the abyss or bring peace and harmony among every living being. Will she be able to make the right choices or will she fail on saving the land? Because... ... He's coming... "I don't know what that means but we call it a Fight or Flight situation" She grinned when she saw the confused looks of the group until she waved her hand in dismissal, mentally sweat-dropping at her stupidity. "Nevermind, you'll get it when the right time comes..."

RJasmin · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Text Friend

When two boys get a wrong number from eachother, they continue with the contact. Growing closer together and getting to know eachother, what will they do when one of them turns out to be a supernatural version of red riding hood? Instead of money though, it's humans. What will happen to these two boys? Will they stay friends? Maybe they'll become something more?

Sol_Waterlow · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

My Youth with You

"With anyone else, it was an empty void. With her, it was anything but." A story of how two souls met at the age of eighteen and discovered everything about the other, including their own selves along the way.

Tennie_48 · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings